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Our Bright & Bold Homeware Picks for Summer Yes Colours | Desenio | The Basket Room
June 2024
Reading time 2 Minutes

Celebrate your own personal style through vibrant colours and eclectic accessories

Wide stripes, bold prints and clashing colours are in for summer. With this look it's all about the overall impact, so dive in and make a splash.
Isabella lamp in Amber, from £115

Isabella lamp in Amber, from £115

Rainbow bath mat

Rainbow bath mat, £59

African Batik print cushions

African Batik print cushions, from £32 each RE, Corbridge

Ikebana damask fuchsia fabric

Ikebana damask fuchsia fabric, £85 per metre Designers Guild, stockists regionwide

Frazada rug

Frazada rug, £422 ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland

Forest of Dean wallpaper

Forest of Dean wallpaper, £129 per roll Sanderson, stockists regionwide

Glass lidded jar

Glass lidded jar, £70 Osski, Northumberland

Twirl glasses

Twirl glasses, £38 (set of two) Nucasa, Jesmond

Swirl spoons

Swirl spoons, £45 (set of four) &Klevering, stockists regionwide

Multi stripe ceramic mug

Multi stripe ceramic mug, £12.50 Caroline Gardner, stockists regionwide

Tulip basket stack

Tulip basket stack, £25

Colourful woven placemats

Colourful woven placemats, £12

Augustino vase

Augustino vase, £49 Que Rico at Fenwick, Newcastle

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