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Our Sustainable Picks This Month
November 2021
Reading time 3 Minutes

With the kids at school and many of us going back to the office

Here are some of our top sustainable swaps to make this month.
Sustainable Swaps

1. A sturdy bag to carry mountains of paper, is a must, and with a laptop sleeve and water bottle pocket, as well as being lightweight and waterproof, this backpack is ideal for daily use. Based in the Lake District, all of Millican’s backpacks are made from 100 percent recycled plastic, meaning these sustainable bags are an investment for life.
The Core Roll pack, £80

2. After discovering that socks are the most needed, but under-donated, item of clothing shelters receive, Jollies, a more-than-profit sock company, was set up. For every pair of their socks sold, another pair is donated to a shelter. Made from organic cotton, they’re sustainable, and you can also send them your old socks to be recycled.
Green chunky stripe socks, £11

3. Keeping hydrated when studying or working is essential for keeping. concentration levels up. The Qwetch stainless steel bottle has a 500ml capacity and is 100 percent leakproof, keeping drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.
Stainless Steel Water Bottle, £20 Qwetch at Buy The Kilo, Tynemouth

Sustainable Swaps

4. Good time-keeping is key for both school and work, so it’s really important to have a watch you can rely on. Using the newest technologies, these timepieces are made from renewable raw materials, such as castor oil, wool, or cork, as well as packaging made of 100 percent recycled PET bottles.
Unisex Essence rubber strap watch, £189 Mondaine at John Lewis & Partners branches regionwide

5. These FSC certified paper bags are greaseproof and totally chlorine free, meanwhile the packaging is 100 percent recyclable as the box is printed with vegetable based inks and dyes.
Paper snack and sandwich bags, £4.50 (for 48) If You Care at Something Good, Jesmond

6. Rice husk is an organic waste produced in large quantities, but this by-product can be a potential biohazard if not disposed of properly. Huski Home recycles this waste to create a durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic material.
We love their multi-compartment lunch box. £14.99 Huski Home at The Naked Pantry, Durham

sustainable swaps

7. We’re sure sustainable stationary is something you’ve never even considered, but luckily Sprout Pencils did the thinking for you. Their pencils are 100 percent natural, zero-waste and fully biodegradable. We love their Happy Bee collection as when these pencils are too small to use anymore, you can simply stick them into the ground and they will sprout into bee-friendly flowers.
Happy Bee Edition pencils (five pack), £9 Sprout at

8. Synthetic hair ties can take half a decade to break down, but these bobbles are 100 percent biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable and all handmade using certified organic cotton and natural rubber.
Hair bobbles, £3.95 Ecobumble at I’m Eco, Middlesbrough

9. Made from 300gsm brown recycled board, with 80gsm off-white recycled paper inside, this environmentally friendly notebook has 48 pages for you to fill and for every purchase made a donation will be sent to mental health charity Young Minds.
Notebook, £3.95 The Kindness Co-op at Matthias Winter, Hexham

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