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Party Prep
Health and beauty
December 2021
Reading time 2 Minutes

The best beauty buys to see you through the festivities

Make sure it’s not just the tree that sparkles at Christmas, here are our top picks.
Party Prep Makeup and Skincare

The perfect pre-party skin pick-me- up, this face mask is formulated with a powerful blend of amino acids, hydrators and botanical extracts to slough off dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production for a bright and firm complexion.
Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask, £115 111SKIN

Eye bags be gone. Burning the candle at both ends? Mask the tell-tale signs of tiredness with this magic concealer, available in 25 different shades.
Magic Touch Concealer, £27 Anastasia Beverly Hills

3  Get your party nails nailed with this clever cream which, when applied nightly, encourages growth and strengthens nails.
Abricot Cream, £22 Dior

Get a glow all over with this gorgeous organic body oil. Packed with botanical oils, massage into skin post shower to soothe and hydrate and leave you with a party ready all-over glow.
Absolute Anti-Ageing Body Oil, £70 Uma Oils + Net Sustain

Party Prep Makeup and Skincare

Keep hair healthy and shiny throughout the party season with Espa’s Optimal Pro-Shampoo and Pro-Conditioner. Nutrient-rich, they work hard to balance the scalp and infuse hair with shine from root to tip.
Pro-Shampoo, £22 and Pro-Conditioner, £22 ESPA

Pop on this revitalising eye mask, to instantly calm and brighten the under-eye area.
SOS Revitalising Eye Mask x 6, £80 Decree

The change in weather and exposure to central heating can leave skin dry and irritated. Choose a gentle cleanser to help eliminate redness and blotchy patches, such as this cuttingedge cleanser which removes all dirt and makeup whilst reducing any inflammation.
Gentle Cleansing Gel, £23 REN

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