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This Season Make it All About Pleather, Nanushka
November 2021
Reading time 2 Minutes

The must-have pleather pieces to buy now

From pleather jackets to faux leather jeans, these are the must-have pieces.
Faux leather

1. Faux leather overshirt, £59

2. Beaded strap faux leather baguette bag, £350

3. Faux leather, £40 River Island branches regionwide

4. Hera faux leather tote, £313

Faux leather

5. Pleather wrap skirt, £650 LVIR at

6. Wide-leg pleather jeans, £395 Nanushka, stockists regionwide

7. Bamboo bag, £65

8. Faux leather coat, £595 Rejina Pyo at

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