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Review: What Happened When We Visited the North East's Biggest Scream Park, Psycho Path at Lintz Hall Farm

Spooky lamp with cobwebs Psycho Path, Lintz Hall Farm
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October 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Our Arts Editor gets a fright when she visits Lintz Hall Farm for the return of Psycho Path

Keen on Halloween but a first timer when it coms to Psycho Path – the North East's Biggest Scream Park – our Arts Editor strolled onto Lintz Hall Farm without a care in the world. Maybe a bit too confidently. Little did she know what was awaiting her…

The immersive scare park has taken over Lintz Hall Farm once more. Although it’s only a short drive from LN HQ, you seem miles from anywhere when you’re there. You’re greeted with a Hollywood-style Psycho Path sign, but the beauty ends at the door. What awaits you inside is terrifying.

Regulars will remember the cornfield maze Corn-ered (with terrors lurking on every corner). It’s the sound of chainsaws behind me that made me scream.

That wasn’t anywhere near as scary as the locked-in solitary Isolation though, where you’re forced to go it alone. The frightening characters (who are wandering around the farm all night – watch out!) point you towards a choice of rooms and it’s down to you, and only you, to make it out alive. I did surprisingly well in that one, actually.

Psycho Path, Lintz Hall Farm Psycho Path, Lintz Hall Farm

More old favourites such as iScream are also back on the farm. That’s a disorientating clown maze with mirrors which was by far my favourite – but my partner was not a fan!

Another favourite of mine was Psycho City, an outdoor trail through an abandoned wasteland. I loved the theme, but that’s not to say I wasn’t terrified. I found myself running through as quickly as possible, being chased more than I would have liked.

The site has expanded with a fifth attraction (Cutthroat Island) where we made friends with a group of gruesome ship mates. Thankfully, this was the least scary of the bunch – but unfortunately the one with the biggest queue to get in! I’d recommend you head to this one early.

Even if none of that sounds like it’s for you (I promise it’s good fun), there’s an indoor show with jugglers and acrobats, and street food to keep you fuelled.

But jump scares can happen at any time at Psycho Path – whether you’re in the mazes or standing in a queue for a drink. Just watch your back!

Psycho Path is at Lintz Hall Farm until Halloween. Tickets are on sale now.

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