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Kitchen cupboards, worktop and sink Simon Taylor Furniture
October 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

This season’s hottest kitchen surfaces are both design-led and durable

From stainless steel and eye catching granite to completely recyclable surfaces. We’ve got some seriously dreamy styles to add a chic finish to any kitchen.

Combine marble surfaces with a gold splash back for a chic, luxurious finish.
Wren Kitchens, branches regionwide

Pops of blue on these terrazzo tiles elevate the neutral background and give a Mediterranean feel.

Stainless steel is back in a big way, combing its serious durability with industrial vibes. This kitchen by Holloway Li is the stuff stainless steel dreams are made of.

A curved island is a design statement on its own – combine it with marble to both surfaces and sides and you’ve got some serious style points.

A solid, sustainable surface material containing post-industrial plastics, and which is completely recyclable. As an added bonus it comes in 200 vibrant colourways, including terrazzo patterns.

This eye-catching Rosa Porrino natural granite is hand-selected from quarries in Spain. RH Stone Surfaces, South Shields

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