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July 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Capturing breathtaking sunrises, sunsets and unique snaps of the North East, we catch up with local photographer Adam Lowes

After receiving a Nikon D3200 DSLR as a Christmas present, Newcastle-born Adam became hooked on photography. 'I went out for a walk with it on Boxing Day and although it was the most basic DSLR available at the time, I loved it and have learnt so much about photography using it,' he says.

Now living in Northumberland and working as a medical engineer for the NHS, Adam gets out at least once a week to capture our beautiful region. ‘If I’m away for a break in Northumberland somewhere, which happens quite often, I will normally be out every morning for sunrise and every evening for sunset, much to my wife’s dismay,’ he jokes. ‘I find every sunrise and sunset can be different so although you can be at the same location, the lighting can be completely different,’ he adds.

Capturing the pinky hues of the early morning sky and shades of red and orange once the sun begins to set, Adam mainly takes images of landscapes and seascapes, although he’s also interested in our region’s architectural history. ‘I love an interesting castle or lighthouse. I love the history surrounding the buildings, such as Bamburgh Castle, something built over a thousand years ago and still standing in its iconic location today. The castle must have seen so many different people and cultures over its years, and I find that fascinating.’ 

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With so many beautiful places on our doorstep, it’s no wonder Adam has a passion for exploring new locations and capturing the view through his lens. ‘My favourite photo is the one that I took on Bamburgh beach during sunrise looking towards the castle. As a family we spend lots of time up there,’ he says. ‘The colours of the coastline, the landscape and the sky are always beautiful, regardless of the time of year, and it’s a fabulous place for photography – it’s a joy to capture it.’ 

Taking pictures of nature’s beauty can take lots of planning, but some of Adam’s favourite shots have been taken on the spur of the moment. ‘If I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before I will have a look on Instagram to see if there is anything interesting or unusual in the area I can photograph. I also use Google maps to try to visualise the location I am going to. But once I get to a location I always try to look for a unique view and show a location in a way people don’t normally see.

‘I do love photographing the North East, but I would love to go to Iceland on a photography holiday. The landscapes there are like nothing I have photographed before and I would love the challenge of trying to create something new,’ he says. ‘I think the most important piece of advice I can give someone is to just get out and shoot. Whether it’s with a basic DSLR or a smartphone. Practice makes perfect and the sensors in smartphones can produce some great images to get you started. You can always treat yourself to an interchangeable lens camera when you reach the limits of your smartphone.’

To see more of Adam’s fantastic images, follow him on Instagram @lowes33

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