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The Six Best Places to Stargaze Across the North East and Yorkshire

night sky photograph Kielder Observatory
Places to go
April 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

The dark skies over the North East and Yorkshire are magical and these observatories offer the most amazing spots for stargazing

From shooting stars to the Milky Way, here's where to go to see the stars.
night sky with a shooting star Twice Brewed Inn

Kielder Observatory 
Under some of the darkest skies in the world, Kielder Observatory opened in 2008 with a vision to host a few dozen events a year, however now the centre puts on more than 700 events each year and its popularity means booking is essential. Events range from aurora nights and relaxed astronomy sessions to family events, as well as astro photography and late night explorer sessions.
Black Fell, Off Shilling Pot, Kielder NE48 1EJ

Twice Brewed Inn 
Experience the incredible starry skies above Northumberland with astronomers from the stargazing team at the Twice Brewed Inn. Within the protected Dark Sky Park, the venue benefits from minimal light pollution, meaning you’ll have a clear view of the Milky Way arcing across the sky and see thousands more stars than can normally be spotted from our towns and cities. Using large aperture telescopes, you'll be able to observe planets, galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, and see the universe brought to life in their 360 degree immersive multimedia dome.
Bardon MillHexham NE47 7AN

Dalby Observatories
The sky above the Dalby Observatories is now recognised as one of the best places to enjoy the night sky in the country. The Scarborough and Ryedale Astronomical Society hold their public observing events at Dalby and the society’s observatories are also located here so their members can take advantage of the dark skies all year round. Surrounded by 3,440 hectares of dense trees, the observatories sit in a natural valley looking south. Visit the Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society website to find out more about how to join.
Dalby Forest, Low Dalby, Thornton-Le-Dale, Pickering YO18 7LT

night stay with stars
night sky Battlesteads Dark Sky Observatory

Battlesteads Dark Sky Observatory 
This astronomic observatory offers talks, activities, stargazing and astro photography courses to suit anyone from beginner to professional level. Located in Wark, on the edge of the Kielder Water and Forest Park, enjoy a night of discovering the stars at one of their many events. From aurora hunting to deep sky astro photography, and summer stargazing to dark sky discovery, there are plenty of sessions to book onto.
Wark on Tyne, near Hexham NE48 3LS

Lime Tree Observatory 
Lime Tree Observatory opened in Grewlethorpe in 2016. Situated within the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the eastern edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which has been awarded International Dark Skies status, and with only little light pollution from nearby Masham and Ripon, take a look through the 24-inch reflecting telescope and enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Visit their website to find out when the next public events are being held.

Grassholme Observatory 
Based within County Durham countryside, Grassholme Observatory offers visitors the opportunity to gaze into the vastness and beauty of the universe. Using high-tech instruments and computers in the wonderful observatory and classroom, Gary and his team will take you on a journey that will teach and enthral. As the warmer nights draw in, summer constellations are clearly visible alongside the faint glow from distant star clusters through your telescopes. Visit the website to discover more about photography sessions, family astronomy, stargazing, and plant and moon events.
Grassholme Reservoir, Mickleton, DL12 0PW

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