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Christmas Party - Pexels
Staying in
November 2020
Reading time 5 minutes
Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family or your colleagues, go virtual for your Christmas party this year.
Plate up the mince pies, pour a glass of bucks fizz, put on your Santa hat and celebrate Christmas differently – because staying in is the new going out.

1. Perfect Platters
Tasked with organising the virtual Christmas party this year? Graze & Gorge have you covered – from the platters and personal cards to mulled wine and the mince pies. Cheer and cheese may just be the perfect way to wrap up the year. 

2. Pizza Party
Why not bring the festivities to the workplace? Since it’s not looking good for the traditional Christmas party this year, Newcastle’s Scream For Pizza have an alternative treat for us. They can bring their van to your workplace for a socially-distanced pizza party.

3. Virtual Escape Room
Reight Escapes can organise this fun virtual game for your family or work colleagues, with a Christmas hamper for the winning team. You can even add a food package such as afternoon tea to enjoy a festive feast together.

4. Virtual Christmas Mysteries
Tall Tales Mysteries have virtual Christmas parties to bring everyone together to celebrate safely. Choose from one of their festive murder mystery plots and send out your virtual invitations and festive party packs. Get together on Zoom as they take you through their murder mystery plot, for laughs and fun from the comfort of your own home.

5. Zoom Christmas Party
Award-winning Leeds-based charity Made With Music always have a Christmas party and this year it's gone virtual. The charity provides accessible live music for families of all ages and abilities through mini gigs, workshops, performances, and classes. In their virtual party, expect singing and dancing from the comfort of your own living room. They normally ask for donations at the Christmas party, so you can choose which price ticket you buy in order to support them this year.

6. Emmerdale’s Christmas Party
Join the cast of Emmerdale in their Yorkshire village for their online party. For fans of the ITV soap, on 18th December a virtual fan event is taking place in the Woolpack for Christmas, where those attending can watch 360 degrees' worth of fun. The revolving video will feature Good Morning Britain's Richard Arnold having a fireside chat with the cast, Isabel Hodgins sharing some of the Sugden family's favourite Christmas recipes and Lisa Riley modelling festive fashion.

7. Christmas Movie Night
Offering something different to the usual pantomime, Northern Opera Group are premiering their film, Cinderella, to bring some Christmas spirit to Yorkshire. It’s an all-star adaptation, with award-winning performer Claire Wild slipping into Cinderella’s glass slippers in the title role. The version they have chosen to adapt, a short opera by French composer Pauline Viardot, offers a wonderful take on the classic story we all know and love. Read all about it in the Christmas issue of Living North, the magazine for Yorkshire and add to to your movie list for a festive night in.

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