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Air Fryer cooking marble slab cakes with strawberries Lakeland
Eat and Drink
March 2024
Reading time 3 Minutes

Air-fryers made their mark on the food industry last year and they're going nowhere in 2024

We've rounded up six air-fryers worth the investment and delicious recipes you must try.
Air Fryer Health Grill

Air Fryer Health Grill, £179

Dual basket air-fryer

Dual basket air-fryer, £79.99 Lakeland, branches regionwide

Foodi Dual Zone 7.6L air-fryer

Foodi Dual Zone 7.6L air-fryer, £149 Ninja, stockists regionwide

Halo Steam Air Fryer

Halo Steam Air Fryer, £149 Breville, Stockists Regionwide

Easy Fry three-in-one air-fryer

Easy Fry three-in-one air-fryer, £99 Tefal at John Lewis & Partners, Newcastle

TurboBlaze air-fryer

TurboBlaze air-fryer, £159

Three Easy Air-Fryer Dinners

Delicious recipes from Jenny Tschiesche’s Air-Fryer Cookbook

Delicious Air-Fryer Recipes Perfect for the Weekend

Whether you're an air-fryer fanatic or a newbie to the latest kitchen gadget, these recipes are healthy, easy and delicious.

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