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Six of the Best Reads for the New Year
Staying in
January 2024
Reading time 5 Minutes

These are the books you need to read to reset and refresh your mind

Our reads this month include a collection of poetry to soothe the soul, an examination of the health benefits of having fun and advice on how to break bad habits and improve your mental focus.

Handbook for Hard Times
Gelong Thubten
This time of year can be difficult for many, and Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten offers a fresh and healing perspective on the transformative powers of love and loss. Full of compassionate advice for anyone experiencing difficulty.

Level Up
Rob Dial
From self-help guru Rob Dial comes the perfect read to help break bad habits, build up better ones and finally reach your personal goals. Dial takes a look at the science behind our mental focus to help you unlock your full potential.

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity
Peter Attia
Is it better to live longer or to live better? Dr Peter Attia, a longevity expert, makes the argument for both. Taking a proactive approach to ageing, Dr Attia looks at practical ways to improve our health and extend our lives.

The Poetry Pharmacy Forever
William Sieghart
The third instalment of this much loved series looks again at how poetry can soothe and restore the soul. This carefully curated anthology seeks to provide comforting poems to combat anything that the coming year may throw at you.

The Fun Habit
Mike Rucker
In this uplifting read, psychologist Mike Rucker looks at the serious impact a lack of fun can have on our wellbeing. Drawing on his own research, Rucker shows how essential it is to incorporate fun into our lives for our mental and physical health.

The Pivot Year
Brianna Wiest
Make this year your best yet with this book of 365 daily meditations for personal development and growth. Stay on track to becoming the ultimate version of yourself, one day at a time.

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