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October 2023
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The best new celebrity memoirs to add to your to-read list

Britney finally gets to tell her story on her own terms, Dawn French shares the personal stories behind her most public mistakes, and Peter Kay takes us on a journey into the world of TV - plus there are new releases from Ade Edmondson, Billy Connolly and Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

Peter Kay

28th September
Comedy legend Peter Kay takes you on his journey into the world of TV, from tea-making in Granada to behind the scenes on Phoenix Nights, Max & Paddy and Car Share. Charming, funny (obviously) and nostalgic, Peter shares plenty of anecdotes in this new must-read.

Adrian Edmondson

28th September
This one-of-a-kind memoir comes from Bradford-born actor, comedian and musician Adrian (Ade) Edmondson. He burst into the comedy circuit in the 80s but how did a child brought up in a strict Methodist household and in boarding schools end up joining the revolution? He’s part Norse, so could it be his berserker heritage?

Billy Connolly

12th October
Billy has wandered to every corner of the earth and believes that being a Rambling Man is a state of mind. In this new book, he explores this philosophy and how it’s shaped him, as well as sharing hilarious stories from his life on the road, from riding his trike down America’s Route 66 to building an igloo on an iceberg in the Arctic.

Dawn French

12th October
This hilarious memoir contains Dawn’s personal stories of the times she’s made mistakes, misunderstood stuff and messed up – many of which have been in public. She hopes by sharing these stories that she might remind readers that everyone makes mistakes.

Britney Spears

24th October
In June 2021, the whole world was listening as Britney Spears spoke in an open court. The Woman in Me, for the first time, reveals her journey and shares the power of music and love, and the importance of a woman telling her own story, on her own terms.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

26th October
Leigh-Anne’s life changed overnight when she became part of the first ever girl band to win The X Factor, but behind the scenes she was struggling with her identity and felt lost. In this honest memoir, she shares her journey from growing up in a mixed-race family in Britain to taking the pop world by storm.

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