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Two Books the LN Team Recommends this Month
Staying in
July 2023
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These female-led novels are packed with suspense

Full of twists and turns, we can't promise they won't keep you awake at night. Here's why we loved Sister of Mine and Single.

Sister of Mine
Laurie Petrou

The Grayson sisters are trouble, but no one quite realises how much. It’s their constant secrecy that binds them together but nothing lasts forever and things are about to get seriously out of control. A strong bond between the two sisters causes mayhem and agony throughout as this beautifully written tale takes enough twists and turns to warrant a TV drama. Just as you think you know everything, a new bit of information comes to light and you have no idea who you’re backing. It’s a lesson to never keep secrets (big, dangerous ones at least), and to never play with fire.
Faye Dixon, Editorial Writer

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Navigating parenthood as a single mother and dealing with her own demons and the dark secret of her dead husband is enough to keep Darcy awake at night. But when she’s holding her son’s body in a local playground she think she’s lost it all. That’s until she watches George, a local doctor, save her son’s life. Charming, handsome and also a single parent, Darcy has struck luck, but when she moves in with her knight in shining armour all is not what it seems. Can Darcy trust her new man? Are her children safe? And will her husband’s dark secret come back to haunt them all?
Charlotte Cooper, 
Social Media 

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