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Six Great New Reads From Female Authors
Staying in
March 2024
Reading time 4 Minutes

Check out these great new reads from female authors

Our reads this month include a family murder hounded by conspiracy theorists, a prisoner's fight for justice and a young academic who wants to get ahead no matter the cost.
Book cover First Lie Wins

First Lie Wins
Ashley Elston
Evie Porter has everything ticked off for the perfect suburban life: boyfriend, house, friends. The only issue? Evie Porter doesn’t exist. But the mission she has been given, and her mark Ryan Sumner, most certainly do. This job feels different though. Ryan is getting under her skin and Evie can’t afford to make any mistakes this time, so when a stranger comes to town with Evie’s face and name, she must do everything she can to stay one step ahead.

Book cover of Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole
Kate Brody
This wonderfully dark debut follows Teddy Angstrom as she clears out her father’s belongings following his sudden death, 10 years to the day since her sister’s disappearance. But Teddy uncovers more than she bargained for, finding years of paperwork looking into the online true crime community obsessed with her sister’s case. When one of the internet sleuths shows up in real life, Teddy finds herself falling down the same rabbit hole which consumed her father.

The Storm We Made

The Storm We Made
Vanessa Chan
Dazzled by the glorious future for Malaya promised to her by a Japanese general, Cecily naively facilitates the Japanese occupation of the country. Years later, Cecily must reckon with her choices and the devastating knock-on effects it has had for her children and her country. Can Cecily face her past? And is it too late for her children?

The House of Broken Bricks

The House of Broken Bricks
Fiona Williams
With heart-wrenching overlapping perspectives, this debut novel traces a grieving family through the seasons in a once-busy home now made quiet by loss. As the dark nights roll in, the family are held hostage by the conversations they can’t bear to have, but as winter fades and the days grow lighter, the road to healing begins to seem possible.

Book cover of Confrontations

Simone Atangana Bekono
Bullied for years with no one around to defend her, Salomé finally snaps and finds herself in a secure unit for young offenders. Essential for her release is a good word from her counsellor, who is infamous for his racist remarks on television. But with her father suffering with liver cancer and her older sister preoccupied with escaping their closed-minded village, Salomé must reflect on the crime she is charged with committing and the impossible demands of being a Black woman.

Come and Get It

Come and Get It
Kiley Reid
When a visiting professor makes a simple yet unusual offer to University of Arkansas resident assistant Millie Cousins, she jumps at the chance to get one step closer to her goal of landing a job and buying a house. But the decision quickly begins to unravel her life, with strange new friends, acts of revenge and people behaving badly. Will Millie come to regret her choices, or try to get ahead at any cost?

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