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Girls in grass and wearing a pink jumper
May 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

The sun has made a welcome return

Put on a super sweatshirt, hop on your new set of wheels, and head out for a day of outdoor family fun.
Frill detail sweatshirt

Frill detail sweatshirt, £9.99 H&M, branches regionwide

‘Alreet’ sweatshirt

‘Alreet’ sweatshirt, £22 Geordie Genes at Children of the Revolution, Tynemouth

Front stripe pullover sweatshirt

Front stripe pullover sweatshirt, £34 Joules at Rutherford & Co, Morpeth

Mini Rodini strawberry sweatshirt

Mini Rodini strawberry sweatshirt, £50 Harvey Nichols, Leeds

Name it boxy sweatshirt

Name it boxy sweatshirt, £21 Young Nant, Skipton

Liewood organic cotton sweatshirt

Liewood organic cotton sweatshirt, £34 Jump, Gosforth

kids lying in grass in spring

Spring into Action

As we head into spring there are more and more opportunities to get out in nature as a family. Not only is it a great way to spend time together, there are a lots of health benefits for children who spend time playing outdoors including an increased intake of Vitamin D, decreased hyperactivity and a lower risk of depression. Getting outdoors on a regular basis will also give children a greater appreciation for nature and wildlife. For great inspiration to find some of the best family days out this spring head to our What’s On pages.

Squish kids mountain bike

Squish kids mountain bike, £399.99 Team Cycles, Gateshead

Little Tikes trike

Little Tikes trike, £89.99 Adventure Toys, Northallerton

Micro scooter

Micro scooter, £109.95 Fenwick, Newcastle

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