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Yoga pose, Unsplash
Health and beauty
June 2021
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To celebrate International Day of Yoga today, we've picked some of our favourite yoga studios where you can unravel your tension

Yoga has the power to unravel tension and help you relax, and it's never too late to get started. There are plenty of reasons to start taking yoga classes: improving your posture, blood-flow and breathing, combatting stress and increasing your self-esteem are just a few.

Four years ago, Gill Walker and her husband Eric set up Zafu – The Wellness Company, inspired by their combined passion for yoga. Both qualified yoga teachers in their 60s, they welcome anyone of any age to join their yoga sessions. The yoga sessions include a warm-up, some posture work and a relaxation to finish. The Yoga Nidra sessions continue to be very popular – it’s a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. For Yoga Nidra you simply need a warm, quiet space with cushions and blankets to make sure you can make yourself comfortable. Meanwhile, their eight-week Mindfulness and Meditation programme is taking off too. As venues reopen, they will be offering a blended programme of both online and face-to-face sessions near Darlington, Richmond, Thirsk, Yarm and Northallerton.

Laura Ricketts Yoga
Laura has been practicing yoga for more than half of her life, since she was a teenager. The poses and breathing techniques helped her to release tension in her body and calm her mind – and now she shares her knowledge with her classes. Her online private tuition lessons offer tailored yoga for you and anyone else in your household, and her Slow Flow classes, also online, link breath to movements, and are suitable for all. Each class will start by connecting to the breath, followed by a warm-up, a flowing sequence through various poses and ending with Savasana – a relaxation pose. You can currently book face-to-face classes at Helmsley Sports Club.

JogaFlows Wellbeing Studio
In Guidepost, Northumberland, Jogaflows Studio offers a variety of traditional Hatha yoga techniques to help each student practice yoga at the level which is right for them, and all poses are adapted to suit all levels. Their Hatha yoga relax and renew class is perfect for those looking for a meaningful mind and body experience, to stretch and strengthen your body.
Visit to book your session.

YogaTherapies are an independent yoga studio; renowned for their empowering and soul-soothing yoga sessions within eco-conscious facilities. There are numerous studios across the North East, and within their newest studio in Ouseburn, Yoga X Life, you can take part in classes including Yoga Nidra and Vinyasa (smooth, flowing and lighthearted sessions that will help to strengthen the body holistically). There really is no pressure if you’ve never done it before, and YT TV offers classes to enjoy from home too.
Sign up at

Wellness Space
The all-female team at this Sunderland studio offer a range of classes. Claire’s classes are vibrant and energetic with a playful and creative twist. Louise works closely with the lunar cycles and chakras so her classes promote emotional healing and wellbeing. Emerly will lead you through Slow Flows and Vinyasa Flows. Grace's classes focus on strength, to leave you feeling soothed and empowered, and Jenna uses pranayama and asana. To celebrate International Day of Yoga, they are offering everyone in their community a free in-studio class pass to come and practise yoga with them.
Find out more at

Orbit Yoga Studio
At Orbit Yoga Studio, the team believe in promoting the essentials of yoga and wellness in a calm and safe space. Their aim is to look after your mind, as well as your body, to make sure that yoga and wellbeing is accessible to all. Owner Faye’s past experiences led her to yoga and a more holistic health path eight years ago. Now she shares this wellness with everyone. If you’re new to yoga, their sessions will start simple and allow you to take your time, breathe and release your expectations. The team at Orbit are currently changing their platforms, including their website, to adapt to these ever-changing times. Their new platform offers on demand, live and in-studio bookings.
Visit their Facebook page or Instagram profile @orbityogastudio.

Shadwell Studio
This studio in Leeds offers a unique experience focusing on holistic wellbeing. Their Yoga styles vary from Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga to Yin and Restorative. Their workshops focus on mindfulness, including, meditation, sound baths, cocao ceremonies and crystal healing. Beginners are welcome and there are courses to suit everyone.
Book at

The Yoga Therapy Clinic
The Yoga Therapy Clinic Yorkshire offers private clinical yoga therapy sessions catered to individual needs; they specialise in yoga therapy for lung and respiratory health and oncology. Through yoga therapy you’ll become empowered to manage and sustain your own sense of wellbeing by activating a sense of strength, stability, restfulness and composure.
Find out more at

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