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Get Summer-ready Sustainably
Health and beauty
June 2021
Reading time 3 minutes

Conscious care creams and stylish shades

Let’s get summer-ready sustainably.
Face Moisturiser

This deeply hydrating, fast-absorbing cream will nourish and brighten your skin for summer. Good for you, and for the world, it’s 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free and UK-made. Face moisturiser, £18.99 UpCircle

Deodorant Balm

Produced in small batches in Penrith and handmade using organic, fair-trade, ethically-sourced ingredients, why not switch to a deodorant balm this summer? Deodorant sandalwood and frankincense, £8 Kiibok at Nil Living, Grainger Market

Qwetch leakproof bottle
Qwetch water bottle

Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours in this leakproof bottle. Insulated drinks bottle, £20 Qwetch

Sulwe Havana
Sulwe Havana

These 50s-style shades have a bio-based frame. Sulwe Havana, £125 

Hair Ties
EcoBumble Hair Ties

These snag-free hair ties are plastic- and metal-free – perfect for warmer weather. Hair ties, £3.95 EcoBumble

Get Outdoors
National Trust natural protection outdoor kit

The finest restorative ingredients found in nature are blended to create this handy kit – tea tree rescue stick, lavender cooling spray and lemongrass defence spray. National Trust natural protection outdoor kit, £20 National Trust, branches regionwide

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