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Sustainable Seaside Picks
July 2021
Reading time 5 minutes
Sustainable Seaside Picks.

Ocean Plastic Pots make sustainable plant pots using recycled plastic from discarded rope, fishing net and beach plastic. Mint pot, £15 Ocean Plastic Pots at The Forge, Norton

Created by Vicky Nelson (a designer and illustrator from Newcastle) and printed on recycled card, this is the perfect card for the wild swimmer in your life. Wild Swimming greetings card, £2.50 Vicki Nelson at 

Lanco have been manufacturing natural rubber toys since 1952. The latex Lanco use is harvested without herbicides from a sustainable source of the Hevea tree. Whale and calf rubber toy, £9.99 Lanco at

The Turtle Can helps reduce the volume of un-recyclable plastic bottles being disposed of every day, which are constantly finding their way into our seas. Turtle Can, £8.50 The Green Turtle at i’m eco, Middlesbrough

Seagrown is a seaweed farming and processing company based Scarborough and their products are all made from their wild-grown and sustainably-harvested seaweed on the Yorkshire coast. Find out more about them at Seaweed Mineral Bath Soak, £16.95

The cotton used to make this towel is natural and chemical free – and waste from the cotton ginning process is also recycled for the animal feed industry. We love this tightly woven and super-soft, chemical-free handmade cotton hammam towel. Diamond Turkish towel, £16 

You can become an ocean saver in just three steps: drop, shake and clean. These sustainable pods are plastic free, biodegradable, and make cleaning your home easy; just add water. Ocean Saver refill, £1.50 Matthias Winter, Hexham

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