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Tatiana Hepplewhite’s Yorkshire Photography Commands Attention

Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Tatiana Hepplewhite
Places to go
July 2021
Reading time 10 minutes

We love highlighting the work of budding photographers, and Tatiana Hepplewhite’s photography commands attention

Capturing breathtaking sunrises and unique snaps of Yorkshire on her Instagram, @Yorkshire_Brew, Tatiana invites us to chat through her love of Yorkshire and her brewing photography skills.
Tatiana Hepplewhite
Tatiana Hepplewhite, Robin Hood's Bay

Despite working as a software developer and team manager at Leeds Beckett University, Tatiana Hepplewhite’s desire to take photographs prevails in her life. Her passion is discovering, whether it’s the history and background of iconic spots around Yorkshire, or a spectacular sunrise. ‘I am sunrise mad,’ she says. ‘Sometimes I feel I am turning into my father, who always used to drag us outdoors at silly hours of the morning. There is something very singular about watching a sunrise – you feel everything is possible and the world belongs to you.’

Tatiana’s style of photography is inspired by the landscape or setting she finds herself in. As a natural adventurer, she tries to capture every sunrise and picturesque landscape with a fresh pair of eyes. ‘In my head, I always try to make each individual picture look as I remember seeing it in the moment and be true to the colours. You can often spot a flower or two in my pictures, and I think empty landscapes are kind of sad without humans in them! I mostly go for landscapes, seascapes and historic places – give me a ruin or two, especially near the seaside, and I’m happy.’

After suffering a back injury in 2012, and going through a significant lifestyle change, Tatiana began to incorporate outdoor walks and swimming into her daily routine. It was at this point that she couldn’t help but photograph her adventures. ‘Being outdoors more improved my mental health as well as my physical. Every time I am outdoors, it feels as if my backup batteries are charging, and my reserves are filling anew. Then I started doing photography as something extra– it is difficult not to want to capture the beautiful places we see all around us! Then, bit by bit, photography got under my skin.’

Tatiana is also known as @Yorkshire_Brew on Instagram, (even the name sounds inviting!). She shares her epic sunrise escapes and pretty village snaps with her six thousand followers, as well as her discoveries whilst wild water swimming in the depths of Yorkshire. ‘I easily get enthusiastic about one place or another, or some atmospheric phenomenon or another. This sometimes means getting up at 2am. But as all the gurus agree – morning light is best!’

‘Sometimes I get so enthusiastic about something and feel I have to tell the world about my find. I love to chat, and be of help to my followers – be it in discovering amazing places, the best places to eat, or some interesting information about Yorkshire.’

You could say Tatiana’s flair for photography stems from her love of Yorkshire. ‘There is the classic saying – Yorkshire is God’s own country. It is a place that has everything for everyone. From the fabulous North and the East coast to the Yorkshire Dales, to the South Yorkshire villages and finally the vibrant and modern cities in West Yorkshire. I know there are many wonderful counties in the UK, but we all know Yorkshire is best, right?’

Finally, we asked Tatiana if she had any advice for other’s hoping to find their feet in photography. ‘Learn from others, but listen to yourself, to the themes, people, and places you want to capture, rather than just simply following popular trends. Don’t let others destroy your joy. Advice is good, but listening to yourself and doing your own thing is even more important. I would love to say this in particular to female photographers, as they are still underrepresented in the photo industry. The world needs more female photographers!’

Instragram: @yorkshire_brew

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