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July 2021
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Go to the races, cook something new and celebrate local favourites this July

This is everything to have on your radar.

Support England: Fingers crossed the rumours are true, and football really is coming home. In that case, we look forward to the final of EURO 2020 on 11th July. For now though, let’s support the lads through tomorrow’s quarter final against Ukraine. Can’t get a booking in a bar? Tackle these delicious tacos in front of your own TV.

Get Dressed Up For: Ladies Day at Newcastle Racecourse. The fun is extraordinary, the outfits are amazing, (the racing can be average by comparison), but with Jess Glynne also on the cards, this is set to be one of the best days out in the social calendar. So, hold onto your hats, sprint to reserve your table and you’re onto a winner. Book now at

Go To: Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) is back at the end of the month. While SIRF headed online last year, we’re counting down the days to its return to the High Street and Riverside. This year’s festival will be jam-packed with world class shows – from the usual (but always different) stunning visual experiences, to daring dances and a cool circus. There’s a bit of family-friendly entertainment for everyone. We’re particularly excited for the fabulous finalé ‘Gorilla Circus’. Find out more at

Take The Family To: The Great Ryedale Maze, from 14th July. Following its hugely popular debut last summer, the Great Ryedale Maze returns to the Yorkshire Wolds, for a fun day out for all ages. While there are nine acres of maize plants and never-ending paths to explore in the Yorkshire Dragon Maze (and a two-acre mini maze for younger adventurers), the whole family will also enjoy football darts and live entertainment in the Big Top. Discover more at

Read: Death on the Riviera. Northumberland-born LJ Ross is the bestselling author of the DCI Ryan murder mystery series. Each month, she shares an exclusive Book Club pick with Living North readers. 

This month’s book club pick is the British Library Classic, Death on the Riviera, the fourth episode in John Bude’s Inspector Meredith mystery series. 

LJ’S THOUGHTS: ‘Death on the Riviera is such an enjoyable summer romp, filled with charm and just enough humour to keep the pages turning. This comes as no surprise from John Bude, which is the pseudonym of Ernest Elmore, one of the best-known writers of the ‘Golden Age’ of crime fiction in the first half of the 20th century and a co-founder of the Crime Writer’s Association. His experienced hand is evident on the pages of this novel, and it’s a great escape for those of us who are unable to travel abroad at the moment!’

Listen to: James Arthur continues to tease snippets of his new singles on Tik Tok, and ‘Medicine’, and his new single ‘September’ are available to stream on all platforms now. In Faye Dixon’s exclusive interview with James Arthur, almost a decade since his X Factor win, he reflects on his career, and proves that music is the best medicine. Read it in our July issue of Living North Magazine for the North East now.

Try: New from Chanel is Paris-Edimbourgh, a plunge deep into the Scottish countryside; fresh and green yet earthy, with aromatic juniper and cypress accompanied by warming notes of cedar and vetiver, ‘like the scent after a stroll in the hills’. Paris-Edimbourgh, £112 Les Eaux De Chanel.

Drink: Marlish. A real local success story, the water used by Marlish is sourced in the hills of Northumberland, where it takes more than 150 years to slowly filter through the rocks, acquiring its unique purity along the way. Marlish produce bottled and canned spring water, and a new range of sugar-free flavoured water and tonics all packaged at source on their farm in the heart of Northumberland. Read all about how they discovered their unique water source and the means to bottle it at 

Cook: Turn up the heat with Dan Toombs, aka the Yorkshire Curry Guy. He has a global following sharing his recipes for British-style takeaway favourites to make at home. His latest book, Curry Guy Thai, shows us how to make authentic and delicious Thai dishes including everyone’s favourite beef massaman. 

Book Now: Back, and revamped for another amazing season, this is a must-see for everyone. Travel back through time with the epic event that is Kynren – An Epic Tale of England, where 2,000 years of history, myth and legend rush by with rebellions, wars, magic, celebration and heartache brought to life. In between the live action shows, you can explore the viking village where you’ll see legends of the past in the all new 11Arches Park. The detailed daily schedules will ensure you get the most out of the experience and don’t miss a thing, just remember to book your tickets early at

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