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February 2021
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With the potential to change your life forever, here are three of our favourite recipes for a happier, healthier you

This evidence-based recipe book, The Immunity Cookbook, is crammed with quick and straightforward recipes designed to improve your gut health and immune system – vital for your overall health and wellbeing.

‘At present, we are in the midst of a worldwide immunity crisis,’ explains author and expert Kate Llewellyn-Waters, ‘and never has it been a more appropriate time to address our immunity and gut health. Over millions of years our gut microbes, which make up our magical microbiome, have altered along with us, feeding off the food we eat. However, due to a nutrient deficient and often inadequate diet, as well as antibiotic use, many of the gut microbes that evolved with us over millions of years no longer exist or are present in much-reduced quantities. The loss of these beneficial microbes influences our immunity, so it doesn’t function as well as it ought.’ 

Kate goes on to say: ‘Luckily, through the power of nutrition and lifestyle choices, we have the ability to control and re-establish these missing microbes, helping them thrive so that they can help us fight infections, balance an overactive immune system, and reduce our risk of allergies. To do this, we need to focus on eating a diet rich in evidence-based nutrients and foods, which promote the diversity of our gut bacteria species. This will allow the beneficial bacteria to thrive and also, encourage a strong, healthy gut lining. And, in turn, this will help us build strong and balanced immune systems, protecting us from infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and allergies – all of which are, currently, at alarming levels in the Western world. Fortunately, food choice is one of the most significant and valuable opportunities that we can embrace to improve our immunity and our gut health.’

The Immunity Cookbook by Kate Llewellyn-Waters, (Quadrille, £20.00). Photography: © Steven Joyce.

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