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Through the Lens: Cityscape and Street Photographer Gary Ormston

Newcastle Quayside, Sun shining through the buildings, The Sage and 3 Bridges Gary Ormston
June 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Gary found his love for photography at a young age and despite exploring other cities across the UK – and some further afield – nothing quite lives up to the city he grew up in…

After getting into photography at high school and using cameras in art class, Gary Ormston knew his interest could lead him down a creative route. Now, the Walker-based photographer takes his camera with him wherever he goes, capturing the city at dusk and through till dawn.

‘I really got into photography when I went to New York and at the time I had just a small Sony Cyber Shot camera. I knew I could do better with a proper camera so got my first starter DSLR kit and I’ve never looked back.’

Gary balances his time between picking up professional jobs and selling his work through his Instagram account, as well as using his photography skills in a hobbyist manner. His style is centred around cityscapes and street photography, as he takes inspiration from his surroundings as he walks around Newcastle. ‘I look for different perspectives on popular spots and also head out on photography walks with some of the photography groups in the North East,’ he says. ‘I’ve also started taking more city breaks around the UK but if I could go anywhere taking photos, I would definitely go back to New York City, and maybe to Iceland too.’

Being from the North East, Gary has a diverse mix of landscapes and cityscapes to shoot. ‘My favourite thing to capture is the sunrise – there’s nothing better than waking up before everyone else and getting that perfect sunrise shot.’ However, it is being in the moment which Gary says is the best part of photography. ‘Just being there in that moment – it’s a great feeling.’

Now using a Nikon D610 camera, Gary alters the way he approaches a scene depending on his location. ‘If I head to London, which is where I go most if I’m not shooting in Newcastle, I tend to do some research on locations, but in Newcastle, it’s just spur of the moment,’ he says.

In the North East there are plenty of talented photographers, all with varying styles, and Gary says he looks up to the likes of David Hall (otherwise known as @nostalgia_kid on Instagram), Newcastle-based travel photographer Michael Olatunji, and portrait photographer @bri.focals.

Gary struggles to pick a favourite beautiful location in the North East. ‘I think any part of the North East coast for a sunrise and, for a city view, you can’t beat the High Level Bridge because there are views on each side and even the bridge itself is amazing,’ he says.

The Quayside in general is a popular location for many North East photographers as there is so much to capture – from the architecture and culture surrounding the space, to the bridges and the Tyne itself. ‘My most memorable photo would probably be any of the fog on the Tyne photos. It took me years to finally capture the scene and I’ve been able to do it twice now.’

For those just starting to get into photography, Gary suggests practicing every day. ‘Keep your batteries charged and change your perspective – also just have fun!’

Discover Gary Ormston on Instagram @garyormstonphtography

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