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July 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Discover how to choose your wedding perfume with the help of Dior Fragrance Ambassador Carl Groenewald

Your wedding day requires a special scent. Whether you’re thinking of matching the scent to your bouquet, trying something new or using the same perfume your mother wore for her wedding, Dior Fragrance Ambassador and expert Carl Groenewald has shared his top tips on how to choose the perfect scent for your big day.

1. When choosing a fragrance only ever try three at a time. Any more and your nose will become confused.

2. Have a fragrance consultation with an expert. Dior offer this as a complimentary service with the CPCD line (see image gallery).

3. Try before you buy. When you believe that you have discovered your perfect wedding scent, apply it to the back of your wrist and wear it for the day to see how it develops (blossoms) from the top, heart and then base notes. You need to know how it will develop during your special day from the church to the wedding reception.

4. Choose a fragrance that complements your personal style, your dress, your theme and the season. In the summer time you may want a fragrance that is fruity, floral, light and refreshing. In winter, you might opt for something warmer, richer, more enveloping and caressing.

5. Choose a fragrance with a prominent flower scent, such as rose or jasmine, that’s also in your floral arrangements or bouquet.

6. Choose a fragrance that your mother wore on her wedding day – something borrowed.

7. Choose to continue wearing your current signature fragrance that your fiancé loves or something completely new. If you decide on something new l would recommend that you allow your fiancé to smell it before your big day, as that will be his memory of you and your wedding day. 

8. You will want your fragrance to last all day and therefore treating yourself to a matching shower gel, body lotion and deodorant to layer your fragrance is a good idea. You can continue this regime during your honeymoon.

9. Mr Dior said that ‘fragrance is fashion’s finishing touch, the ultimate accessory.’ So take your time and choose wisely.

Christian Dior

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