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Unsplash - Naked Layer Cake
July 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Naked cakes, doughnuts and cake pops – here’s what to try if you’re straying from tradition

Tip: Organise your cake once you’ve made decisions on your date, venue, theme, decor and dress. These elements can serve as a blueprint for your wedding cake and will avoid having one that doesn’t match your day.
Ginger Ray - Doughnut Wall

Go Nuts

Artisanal doughnuts are a (delicious) trend that shows no sign of stopping. Stack them or hang them, the choice is yours.

Savoury Cheese Layer Cake -

Say Cheese

Stack up tiers of your favourite hard and soft cheese wheels for a savoury option that looks just as good as its traditional counterpart.

Meringue Cake - Teaspoon of Love Bakery

Sweet Tooth

A meringue cake is different and delicious, and with its imperfect look is a great option for a rustic wedding.

Cake Pops - Bespoke Cakes and Treats

Make it Pop

These stylish bite-sized treats can be used as an alternative to a wedding cake, or given to guests as favours.

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