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March 2023
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Don't leave your garden out in the cold during your annual spring clean

Follow our top tips to get your garden looking fresher than ever this spring.

The evenings are getting lighter and we have a promise of brighter times ahead. It won’t be long until warmer weather means we can make the most of our outdoor space.

After a long winter your garden might not have been left looking its best, but now is the time to tackle those long-neglected jobs and make your garden spring to life.

1. Sort the garden shed

It’s time to clear out the shed. Recycle old pots and go through garden hand and power tools to check if everything is in working order or if anything needs repairing or replacing. This will help you stay organised later in the season – no one wants to discover a broken lawnmower when you’re about to give the lawn its first cut! All tools should be given a good clean to make sure they are in the best working order and with no trace of bacteria on them.

2. Invest in clever storage

If you don’t have a garden shed you may find that your garden can quickly look cluttered if used to store bikes, tools and other household debris. If you have a small garden, then smart storage is essential. Look for benches that double up as storage boxes, outdoor boot racks, boxes to keep garden cushions dry in wet weather, or a bin store with extra room to tuck away your garden toolbox.  

3. Clean sweep  

Sweep paths and walkways to remove fallen leaves and debris. Keeping lawns clear where possible will help to avoid dead patches. Brush or rake growth of evergreen grasses to remove dead foliage. If you can, power hose paths to remove winter debris and moss.

4. Tidy up flower beds and borders 

Tidy up and cut back plants and clear dead leaves from flower beds. Hoe borders to remove weeds, feeding them with fertiliser and applying a thick layer of mulch to retain moisture and help keep future weeds at bay. Now is the ideal time for planting new additions to your garden as roots establish more quickly as the soil warms during the early spring.

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5. Plan your perfect summer garden 

Rather than waiting until the good weather is here and everyone has the same idea, get planning for what you need, or will need, now. You don’t need much outdoor space to create something special; pretty hanging baskets, windowsills and patio pots provide the perfect containers to fill any garden with colour and interest. Gardening research can be great fun as there are amazing books, blogs and Instagram accounts out there for inspiration.  

6. Prepare for al fresco dining  

It might feel a long way off, but soon we will be enjoying the fun of outdoor cooking and al fresco dining. Outdoor furniture design has come a long way in recent years, with most collections looking just as good inside your home as they would out. There is something for every size of garden including the smallest space with foldable, stackable and easy to store away items. Updating your garden furniture is one of the quickest ways to transform your space. Adding new cushions, throws, outdoor lighting or an outdoor rug will make the space look new.

7. Don’t forget your indoor greenery   

Houseplants need to be cleaned occasionally too. Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth, not just to keep them looking good – removing dust ensures a healthier plant too. Take off any foliage that is yellowing and trim damaged leaves of larger plants with sharp scissors at the same time. Even the lowest maintenance plants require a repot – either annually or at least every two years – to keep them looking their best.  

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