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Six Stunning Recycled Accessories to Add to Your Home this Global Recycling Day

A collage of Images: Flowers in a pot, a glass lamp and a table with blue glasses
March 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Splashing out on new homewares doesn't have to cost the earth

From textiles made with plastic bottles to vintage pieces to repurpose, these home accessories are on our eco-friendly wishlist this Global World Recycling Day (Saturday 18th March).
a sofa with 3 cushions on it

The plastic yarn used to make this tactile cushion is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. 

Mika cushion, £55 Nkuku 

a recycled jar with a saint painted on it

Hand-painted, recycled tin cans from Peru. Each one features a saint, and each one is unique. 

£18.95 each RE, Corbridge

potted flowers on a flower stand made from wood

This vintage Indian grinder would originally have been used to grind grain – and gains a new lease of life as a coffee table or plant stand. 

£295 ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland

These recycled glass flutes are handblown and feature pretty, faceted sides. 

Broadwell Champagne flutes, £35 Garden Trading

We love this diamond bottle lamp, which is made in England using recycled Spanish glass. 

£100 From Loft to Loved, Sedgefield

Recycled glass often has a pretty green hue, and this range from LSA includes this elegant carafe. 

£24 LSA at Fenwick, Newcastle and York

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