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TV and Culture Guide: What to Watch, Read and Listen to this April

TV and Culture Guide: What to Watch, Read and Listen to this April
Staying in
April 2024
Reading time 4 Minutes

Here's how to keep yourself entertained this month

April brings us new music from Taylor Swift, new series to watch and a highly-anticipated new read from One Day author David Nicholls.
What To Watch
Clockwise from top left: Wish | Taskmaster | The Regime | Ripley | Race Across The World Clockwise from top left: Wish | Taskmaster | The Regime | Ripley | Race Across The World


Wednesday 3rd April
One for the kids (or big kids!) if you missed it in cinemas, Disney’s Wish is an animated musical-comedy where Asha makes a wish so powerful that it’s answered by a cosmic force called Star. Asha and Star must confront the ruler of Rosas to save her community.


Channel 4
Our all-time favourite game show is back and five new contestants are competing in a series of totally ludicrous challenges set by Greg Davies, the Taskmaster – but who will be crowned champion this time? Irish stand-up comedian Joanne McNally, hilarious radio presenter John Robins, Leeds-born comedy icon Nick Mohammed, award-winning writer and comedian Sophie Willan, or Benidorm favourite Steve Pemberton?


Thursday 4th April
An adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Talented Mr Ripley, this new series is entirely in black and white and stars All of Us Strangers actor Andrew Scott. A grifter is drawn into a world of wealth after taking a unique job in Italy, but he must build a web of lies to maintain the life he strives for. All eight episodes will be released on 4th April – so it’s perfect for springtime bingeing.

The Regime

Monday 8th April
Sky and NOW
Kate Winslet stars as The Chancellor of an autocratic regime in this new political drama / satire. It tells the story of one year within the walls of a fictional palace where things unravel. Rumour has it that Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant were spotted at Wentworth Woodhouse whilst filming for this series.

Race Across The World

Wednesday 10th April
BBC One and BBC iPlayer
Race Across The World is returning for its fourth season as a new set of contestants race across the world in pairs, choosing any route they like but with no flights or phones. We eagerly await the announcement of this year’s locations.

What to Read
Book covers listed

We Loved

Adam Higginbotham
You may ask yourself how a disaster that happened in a matter of minutes could fill a 500-page book successfully, but the author’s brilliant pacing and attention to detail will have your heart in your mouth from page one. Higginbotham masterfully takes the reader through the intricacies of what led to one of the worst disasters of the 20th century in a way that both fascinates and terrifies – and by the final pages you will be questioning whether you picked up non-fiction, or a horror story.

Julia Chapman
Guilty or innocent? When Delilah’s brother Will is implicated in the murder of an ecologist, it looks from the outside to be an open and shut case – but Delilah won’t accept it and neither will Detective Samson O’Brien. With the Dales Detective Agency on the cusp of collapse and their personal relationship on the rocks, the pressure is on for Delilah and Samson to prove Will’s innocence. But will they uncover more than they bargained for? Get ready for the ninth instalment of the beloved Dales Detective series from local author Julia Chapman.

Eliza Clark
Eliza Clark’s second novel, Penance, is a must-read for anyone who loves a true crime doc. Although the murder it centres on (and the young girls who are accused) are fictional, its cleverly layered structure asks uncomfortable questions about the popularity of the genre, the real people it exploits and what it says about those of us that consume it. If this all sounds a bit sanctimonious, rest assured that it is not. Clark does all of these things without ever compromising on the intrigue and intensity that make the genre so addictive in the first place.

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On Our To-Read List

Anthony Horowitz
Thursday 11th April

The fifth instalment in Horowitz’s crime series comes to bookshelves this month. In London’s Richmond six houses are tucked away in an exclusive gated community – a peaceful place to be until a new family arrives. When Charles Kenworthy is found dead on his porch Daniel Hawthorne is called in, but conveniently everyone has the same motive.

Emily Henry

Tuesday 23rd April

From the bestselling author of Happy Place comes another ‘romantic’ tale where two wronged exes come up with a way to make their former partners’ lives hell.

David Nicholls

Tuesday 23rd April

Michael’s taking himself on long walks across the moors and fells in this new love story by One Day sensation David Nicholls. You Are Here is a romantic story of first encounters and second chances – a great way to escape this spring.

What to Listen To
Cover artwork for listed podcasts and albums

Three Podcasts to Take You Back In Time

Karina Longworth
This podcast takes a look at the first 100 years of Hollywood, from the exaggerated performances of silent film stars to the glitz and glam of Marilyn Monroe and the infamous unravelling of film producer Howard Hughes. Episode eight is particularly good, with the host being joined by comedian John Mulaney as they discuss the iconic Charlie Chaplin.

Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook
Hosted by two acclaimed historians, this podcast covers everything, from Julius Caesar and the Library of Alexandria to JFK and J. Robert Oppenheimer. For an easy introduction, start with episode 314 on the legend and legacy of Atlantis.

Anita Anand and William Dalrymple
Go on a winding journey through the meteoric rise and devastating fall of empires throughout human history. Prepare for detail-driven analysis as each series does a deep-dive on a specific empire, with past topics covering the British in India and the Ottoman Empire. Most recently, the podcast takes a look at one of the largest empires to ever exist, Russia.

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New Music for Spring

The Tortured Poets Department
Taylor Swift
Friday 19th April

The upcoming 18th studio album by Taylor Swift (which she announced at this year’s Grammy Awards) is sure to take over the charts this month. We’re excited to hear two major collaborations – Post Malone on Fortnight, and Florence + The Machine on Florida!!!.

The Big Decider
The Zutons

Friday 26th April

The long-awaited fourth studio album from Scouse band The Zutons features nine classic Zutons tracks recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London and the Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire.

Pet Shop Boys

Friday 26th April

This brand-new studio album from Pet Shop Boys features 10 tracks and will be available digitally and in various other formats, and fans of this iconic 80s band can look forward to both great dance tracks and ballads.

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