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Hamilton and Me and The Sanctuary book covers on a yellow background
Staying in
September 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Two books you need to read this month

Musical lovers are in for a treat this month as we review Hamilton And Me: An Actor's Journal by Giles Terera. If a theatre journal isn't for you, we have the perfect thriller which explores the idea of utopia.

Hamilton And Me: An Actor’s Journal  

Giles Terera

A fascinating insight into the process an actor goes through to develop and become their character. Terera journaled his experience playing Aaron Burr in Lin Manuel Miranda’s hit musical, Hamilton. You feel like you are there with the West End cast in rehearsals and on opening night as Terera details the blood, sweat, tears and joy of being part of the popular musical. The book also includes photos and a flattering foreword by Lin Manuel Miranda himself who explains that he’s in awe of Terera’s ‘attention to detail and willingness to share the hard work and magic that goes into it’.

Hannah Colley, Digital Manager

The Sanctuary

Andrew Hunter-Murray

Ben’s fiancée has left him for another man – Cara has moved across an increasingly dystopian country to Sir John Pemberley’s private island, a sanctuary. But Cara isn’t in love with Pemberley – Ben believes she’s in thrall to him. So he’s making the journey to find her and bring her home. Yet when he arrives on the island, Ben is shocked at the discoveries he makes and begins to question everything he thought was true. Exploring whether the idea of a utopia can ever become reality and how power is acquired, Hunter-Murray’s novel is at once delicately emotional and viscerally terrifying.

Sally Grey, Advertising Sales Executive

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