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vegan Beauty Buys to Try This Veganuary
Health and beauty
January 2022
Reading time 1 Minute
Here are the best vegan buys to add to your holistic beauty regime.
Night Drops, £135 Unique CBD

Unique CBD

This 20 percent CBD oil tincture is a delicately-balanced blend of natural terpenes and the highest quality CBD, to help balance a multitude of bodily functions such as sleep and maintaining overall health. The perfect post-party season pick-me- up.
Night Drops, £135 Unique CBD

Reset Facial Oil, £42 Gherane


Restore skin’s balanced glow after the hectic festive season with this powerful blend of natural plant extract and oils to soothe, moisturise and clear skin without clogging.
Reset Facial Oil, £42 Gherane

Zoetic’s CBD Facial Drops, £55


Just a few drops of Zoetic’s CBD Facial Drops, £55, infused with vitamin C and jojoba oil, will leave your skin glowing this winter

Cleanser Concentrate, £18 Glossier


This highly concentrated cleanser with soothing chamomile flower water, calendula extract and antioxidant-packed passionfruit extract exfoliates, clarifies and re-energises in just 60 seconds. We love.
Cleanser Concentrate, £18 Glossier

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