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Curlew flying over grassland
Places to go
May 2022
Reading time 4 Minutes

Head out for some fresh air this May

Whether you’re heading out alone or as a group take an invigorating walk to Cochrane Pike to see some spectacular views
Breamish Valley Breamish Valley


Grade: Moderate
Distance: 4.5 miles / 7.2km
Duration: 3 Hours
Map: OS Explorer OL16
Parking: Ingram Bridge Car Park

Download the walking route and map to Cochrane Pike here.

What To Expect

The isolated Breamish Valley is dotted with ancient Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements – so there’s plenty of history to dive into on this walk at Cochrane Pike, where you can see the remains of four stone huts and cultivation terraces. There are various hill walks around the ancient forts and settlements accompanied by amazing views. The circular walk, starting from the visitor centre, takes you through moorland where you could spot curlew, oystercatcher, and skylark, as well as red squirrels.

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