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Health and beauty
November 2016
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Get your teeth into our expert advice and discover the latest dental treatments

Get your teeth into our expert advice and discover the latest dental treatments.


What it is: Tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure around and, when used correctly, can lighten your existing colour by several shades without altering the structure of your teeth. You should check with your dentist on your suitability and general oral health while the process itself should always be carried out by a dental professional. You will have impressions taken to make custom made trays and shown how to use them with a low concentration hydrogen peroxide gel. The trays can either be worn overnight or for a short period each day, a decision you’ll take with your dentist. These trays are the most common method used for whitening and excellent results are seen generally between two to four weeks. Power or laser whitening is also an option for immediate results, although trays are still provided so you can top up as needed.

Why you may need it: Tooth whitening remains one of the most economical ways to enhance your smile. A brighter smile gives the impression of youth, vitality and radiant health; in short, the whole package. Dental professional Shakiela Hyder of Angel Dental Care comments that ‘once patients have whitened they show an improvement in their oral health care routine which is a great personal benefit.’

Who to go to: Angel Dental Care

Where to find them: 6 Frenton Close, Chapel House, Newcastle NE5 1EH
0191 2674647


What it is: Dental veneers are often used to create the ultimate smile makeover as it is possible to use veneers to transform crooked, stained, damaged or badly worn teeth into a brand new, straight, white smile. Both porcelain and composite veneers are available. A porcelain veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth, like a false fingernail fits over a nail. Composite veneers involve composite material being sculptured onto the teeth to achieve the desired shape and finish.

Why you may need it: Veneers can improve the colour, shape and position of teeth. A precise shade can be chosen to give the right colour to improve a single discoloured or stained tooth, or to lighten front teeth generally. A veneer can make a chipped tooth look intact again and close any small gaps, when orthodontics (braces) is not suitable.

Who to go to: The Smile Spa

Where to find them: 5 Innovation Court, Yarm Road, Stockton TS18 3DA
01642 674888


What it is: Thanks to CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) and the latest CEREC OMNICAM, the treatment spectrum available in digital dentistry now covers three fields: restorations, implantology and orthodontics. A vast number of traditional dental procedures involve impressions or moulds to be taken of the mouth and teeth which many patients either do not like or are simply unable to tolerate. CEREC technology enables dentists to avoid this and instead use intra-oral cameras to record digital impressions for the production of precision models, appliances and restorations. Dental professionals routinely utilise this cutting edge technology to deliver everything from ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays through to the enhanced provision of clear brace systems. When used in conjunction with CBCT Digital Bone scanning technology they are able to plan, place and restore dental implants with improved accuracy, safety and predictability.

Why you may need it: Overall, these technological advances enable dentists to provide a multitude of general and cosmetic dental treatments with enhanced speed, comfort, accuracy and predictability. For example, many dentists fit dental crowns, but CEREC is the only scientifically proven CAD/CAM system with which dental professionals can treat their patients chair-side with single- tooth restorations in around two hours. This treatment is delivered in a single-visit without any need for a temporary crown phase or repeat anaesthetic injections.

Who to go to: Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Where to find them: 2 Old Eldon Square, Newcastle NE1 7JG
0191 2603688


What it is: A gum lift raises and sculpts the gum line, reshaping the tissue and in extreme cases the jaw bone is reshaped using laser technology. It can be done in one appointment, though often patients request tooth whitening or even a smile makeover which lengthens treatment time. But, after all, a great smile isn’t just about perfect teeth – it needs the perfect set of gums too!

Why you may need it: It used to be that anyone who had the problem of pink, irregular gums had to be resigned to it, however with modern gum lifting techniques it is possible to say goodbye to gummy smiles for good.

Who to go to: Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry

Where to find them: Quayside House, Wylam Wharf, Low Street, Sunderland SR1 2AD
0191 5671020 4
8A Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle NE2 2AL
0845 4810290

'Tooth whitening remains one of the most economical ways to enhance your smile'


What it is: Air abrasion is a treatment which involves microscopic silica particles mixed with water and fired at high pressure to remove stains without damaging the tooth substance below the surface. No heat is generated, meaning that the process is painless and does not require any anaesthetic.

Why you may need it: Air abrasion will make your teeth feel smooth and clean and allows the hygienists to effectively remove stains from your teeth painlessly, and without the use of metal instruments ‘scraping’ the teeth, which some patients find uncomfortable and off-putting.

Who to go to: Durham City Smiles

Where to find them: The Crossgate Centre, Crossgate, Durham DH1 4HF
0191 3844447


What it is: NuCalm treatments are the ultimate in stress relief and are finding their way into dentistry as an option for helping nervous patients relax through procedures. The treatments use cranial electrotherapeutic stimulation to ensure patients are totally relaxed. After carefully following the instructions for set-up and correctly applying the eye-mask (optional) and headgear, you will begin your treatment and feel your heart rate and breathing slow down and your arms and legs may feel heavy, though your mind will not shut off. Supplementary products are also available for an even better experience. NuCalm is a great way to relieve stress and tension but be sure to discuss your needs with your dentist as some components of the treatment are not recommended for patients with certain medial conditions.

Why you may need it: The NuCalm treatment is ideal for those who wish to feel more relaxed mentally and physically, those who would like relief from muscle tension so if taking a trip to your dentist sends your stress levels soaring, this might just be the thing for you.

Who to go to: Ewan Bramley Dental Care

Where to find them: The Richard Irvin Building, Union Road, North Shields NE30 1HR
0191 6403649

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