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The Tyne Bridge over the river
May 2017
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With Newcastle being named the best place in the UK to raise a family, we take a look at some of the city's best spots for family fun

Seven Stories

The National Centre for Children’s Books houses exciting exhibitions, comfy spaces for reading and is an all-round celebration of literature for little ones.

Great North Museum Hancock

A classic school trip destination with fantastic hands-on exhibits on everything from dinosaurs to Egyptians. Don’t miss the mummies!

The Stand

This venue is renowned for attracting some of the best stand-up talent to the region and hosts its Kids Comedy Club every month for younger lovers of laughter.

Victoria Tunnel

A preserved 19th century underground waggonway that originally stretched from the Town Moor to the Tyne. Take a guided tour of one of the area’s most secretive tourist attractions and hear about how the tunnel has been utilised over the years from its initial construction to its use in the Second World War. Watch out for the ghost!

Discovery Museum

Get your kids more acquainted with the invention process. With frequently changing exhibitions, activities such as the Tiny Sparks events and a big ship permanently docked in the middle of it, the Discovery Museum is a great place to spark your little ones’ interest in all things scientific.

Centre for Life

A stalwart of the North East’s scientific scene, the Centre for Life is jammed full of intriguing gizmos, gadgets, installations, and games that will attract curiosity from all who enter. The Young Explorer’s Zone is an engaging and stimulating area where children of seven or under can enjoy investigation and discovery in an incredibly fun environment.

The Laing Art Gallery

Over 100 years old, this gallery houses regularly changing exhibitions, permanent displays, a wonderful play area for under-fives and a café serving delicious light bites. Displays are made up of pieces from world-renowned artists – works by the likes of Picasso and da Vinci have been displayed here – and exhibitions can be anything from paintings to collections of historical knick-knacks. Who knows what you’ll discover. 

David Fry Ceramics

How about learning some pottery skills from one of the UK’s leading studio potters? Classes are fun, and parents and children can learn new skills together. Don’t pretend you haven’t wanted to try it since you  first saw Ghost.

Blackfriars Restaurant

This restaurant regularly runs workshops to improve cooking skills for both children and adults. Whether you want to make artisan bread or treat your little chefs to a day in a professional kitchen, Blackfriars can help you get cooking. Be sure to join the Little Monks Cookery Club!

Circus Central

After a few classes from these guys, you’ll finally be able realise your dream of riding a unicycle to work. Circus Central runs classes for kids and for adults so whether you want to improve your clown performance or learn the art of fire play, you can achieve your dream.

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