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lamps, Frtiz Fryer, Bucolic Designs
October 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Lighting takes on fascinating sculptural forms for autumn

Lighting for AW22 is anything but boring. Industrial vibes and organic shapes combine to create unique and sculptural forms.

Monochrome table lamp

You can’t go wrong with monochrome.


Bespoke metal pendant light

Bucolic Design use reclaimed metal to create functional lighting, often working with decommissioned fire extinguishers.
Bucolic Designs, Middleton-in-Teesdale

Pine Cone table lamp

There are few more iconic shapes in nature than the pine cone – we love this heavy metal take.
BoConcept at Fenwick, Newcastle


Jovan floor lamp

This simple floor lamp is heavy-footed and cool.
Co Interiors, South Shields


Stepp floor lamp

British designer Stuart Lamble has crafted this teetering design from high-quality birch plywood, and it gives off an unusual, ambient light.


Jellyfish ceramic pendant light

The movement and flow of a jellyfish are captured in this ceramic creation by Flora Wallace.
Flora Wallace at


Wire pendant light

Deadgood’s wire lighting collection takes its cue from the iconic shape of an urn lamp, combining traditional style with precise and technical production.
Deadgood, Newcastle


Retro handcrafted body lamp

Flexible joints allow you to style this lamp to suit your space – and give the piece its own personality, whether perched on a shelf or standing to attention.


Sculptural Verso wall light

Part of a range which represents the first strong branch that is born from a mighty oak tree, this light appears to grow from its solid, wall-mounted base.


Frtiz Fryer

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