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Five Things To Look Forward To This Week
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September 2021
Reading time 3 Minutes

Five Things To Look Forward To This Week

Another week rolls in – here’s five things to do to get you through to the weekend.


Tuck into Pie, Peas & Jazz

Head to Middlesbrough’s Town Hall for a toe-tapping evening of jazz – and pies! Thursday’s Jazz Supper with Jeremy McMurray and the Jazz Pocket Orchestra promises to be a night of music, laughter and lots of pies – what more could you want? An opportunity to experience jazz in its truest form with supper supplied by The Greedy Soul. Tickets are £15 from


Get feasting

Prepare yourself for a feast of food! A new and exciting street food festival is coming to South Shields Market this Friday and Saturday, and you’ll want to be there. A special two-day event, the traditional market square will be transformed into a mini festival setting with a grassy seating area, bar, street food vendors and a small stage. Performers will provide entertainment as you tuck into delicious street food, or browse the bargains at the market stalls.



Enter the Dragon Boat Race

For those who don’t know, Dragon Boat Racing is a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping watersports activity in which teams compete in large canoe-like vessels fitted with ornately carved dragons’ heads and tails (duh!). With a race coming to Newcastle this Saturday we’re sure it’s something you’ll want to watch, whether you’re one of the 16 people rowing the boat, the drummer beating time to keep the paddlers in time or just a spectator on the banks, it’s fun-filled way to spend the day. If you would like to enter this year's race there’s still time – click here to hit the water.



Festival of Thrift

This weekend the UK’s National Festival of Sustainability is back. Proudly based in Redcar, there is so much to see at the Festival of Thrift with everything from a discussion about rewilding to an eco-friendly fashion show, as well as lots of live music, not to mention all the different food and drinks vendors who will be there to help you refuel between activities. The festival is free to enter but click here to donate.



Support Restaurant Week

With Sunderland Restaurant Week starting on Saturday it would be rude not to take the opportunity to head out to eat this weekend. Showcasing the best eateries across the city, enjoy a whole host of different cuisines and enviable menus for as little as £5, £10 or £15 per person. Favourites such as No2. Church Lane, Acropolois Street Food and House of Zen are already confirmed to be taking part.

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