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Vets and a dog
August 2022
Reading time 4 Minutes

It's so important to keep your dogs safe this summer. We've seen temperatures soar over the last month, which can't be easy for our furry friends! Vets on the Meowve offer advice...

Vets On the Meowve is a mobile veterinary service which covers most of the North East, offering vet consultations, dental work, nurse visits, prescription checks and much more – and we asked Caroline Bales, one of the registered veterinary nurses, what we need to know to keep those tails wagging this summer.
dog in the sea at sunset

When is the best time to walk a dog in warm weather? 
Early morning or evening is best, and avoid 10am–4pm. It depends a lot on the weather but dogs don’t sweat so they cool down by panting. If the ground is hot to touch this will cause burns to a dog’s bare paws, so test with you hand before going out.

Is there any way to protect dogs from sunburn? 
If your dog must be outside in the sun apply a dog-safe sunscreen – don’t use human sunscreen as this can contain ingredients toxic to dogs. Apply it to the top of their nose, ear tips, groin and belly. Also create shelters outside for them to rest under.

Any tips for staying safe at the beach? 
Sand and pebble beaches are hot when the sun is out so test the sand with your bare feet first and avoiding between 10am–4pm is best. The sea is a great way for dogs to cool down, just remember to reapply sunscreen if needed and avoid areas of the shore where the sea is flat in between rolling waves as this is a sign of a riptide and dogs can easily be swept further out if caught. Dog buoyancy aids are great to use if correctly sized and fitted, and be aware of jellyfish as they can sting dogs too. If your dog does get caught by a jellyfish rinse with clean sea water and contact a vet ASAP. Weaver fish can also be found on UK beaches so watch out for these as they use their spines as a defence if stepped on – if this happens, the stung area must be bathed in hot water to ease the sting ASAP and you should contact your vet for advice.

How can we keep our dogs safe when traveling in the car? 
A suitably fitted harness or secured dog crate is essential when traveling with your dog. Make regular stops for exercise and drinks and never leave your dog in the car on their own in warm weather, even with the windows slightly open. On sunny days, a dog could be severely affected or even die in less than 10 minutes from heat stroke in a car.

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