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How Legacy at The Grand Showcases Classic Yorkshire Produce with a Modern Twist

Blue and oak restaurant interiors
Eat and Drink
July 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Legacy at The Grand, York is a fine dining restaurant you need to try. Living North meet its Head Chef to find out why

Legacy offers modern British and Yorkshire-inspired tasting menus with locality, seasonality and sustainability at their core, alongside an exceptional wine list, served in an iconic setting.

Housed within the Edwardian-built, former North Eastern Railway Company Headquarters, the intimate restaurant boasts listed, original oak panelling and parquet flooring juxtaposed against contemporary industrial touches paying homage to iconic figures in Yorkshire's industrial history. With their portraits draped on the restaurant's wall, they serve as a reminder of the city's successful industrial past and the ways in which Legacy's team can pave the way in the city’s culinary scene.

Much like those whose portraits are displayed in Legacy, the restaurant prides itself on innovation, with a strong emphasis on locality, sustainability, and seasonality. Creating exciting, new dishes which allow Yorkshire produce to take centre stage is incredibly important to Head Chef Ahmed Abdalla, who leads the kitchen team alongside the recently appointed Executive Chef, Kevin Bonello. Working across multiple Michelin-starred kitchens, Bonello was Head Chef at De Mondion when they achieved their Michelin star.

Complementing the exquisite cuisine, Legacy’s Sommelier Derek Scaife has curated three wine flights, ensuring that each course is perfectly accompanied by an incredible selection of classic and new-world wines.

Legacy’s commitment to culinary excellence is further reinforced by its recognition in the Michelin Guide and listing in the Telegraph's Best Restaurants in York. Savouring the sumptuous tasting menu, guests can enjoy a dining experience that exceeds expectations, leaving them with lasting memories, perfectly paired with a stay in one of The Grand’s opulent bedrooms.

We spoke to Legacy’s Head Chef, Ahmed Abdalla to find out more.

‘I am inspired by the processes of the pioneers of York’s past; those individuals who turned their imagination into reality in the form of iconic buildings, revolutionary railways and the heritage of this great city,’ says Ahmed. ‘I am excited to look at things through a new lens with each menu, delivering traditional ingredients in a new style whilst fully utilising the great produce Yorkshire has to offer.’

What do you think makes an excellent tasting menu?
Always balance. There is a reason why each dish is selected. We want to create a balance between the light and heavy dishes, or the savoury and sweet flavours to ensure that they all complement each other. Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami are five taste elements that build our overall perception of flavour. When each element is perfectly balanced – not only on the plate, but across an entire meal – the dining experience is lifted above and beyond. To achieve this, we always use four out of five elements.

What is your inspiration for Legacy’s menu?
At Legacy, we are focused on seasonality, locality and sustainability, so the seasons play a huge role in our inspiration as the change in seasons bring new produce for us to work with. Once we have identified which produce will be the freshest, we can then look for inspiration within each ingredient. Fortunately for us, being based in Yorkshire we have access to an abundance of amazing local produce. We have identified local suppliers who we work with to help us piece together the perfect menu.

Are there any surprises in Legacy’s current menu?
Not surprises as such, but some of our ingredients are particularly special, making the dishes and giving them a unique touch. For us, we use our very own honey from the beehives we have on the Grade II listed-building’s roof.

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