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Men's Summer BBQ Guide: What to Wear, Drink and a Cool Item to Add to Your Wish List

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August 2022
Reading time 4 Minutes

Put on a fresh new tee and open some cold ones at your next BBQ

From beer belters and trendy tees, these are what you’ll want for your next barbecue.

Get a trucker’s tan

Sunspel Breton Stripe Tee

Navy & Ecru at END, Newcastle

N’land Coastal Route T-Shirt

Striped Lounge T-Shirt

Psyche, Middlesbrough

Texas Club meat shredder claws

Coolest Thing This Month

Is this the coolest thing or the most ridiculous thing? We usually find there’s some crossover between the two – it’s certainly the most unnecessary thing which we’re glad exists regardless. These meat shredder claws let you live out your weird fever dream of attending one of Wolverine’s family barbecues. You can wear them on each hand like knuckle dusters, ripping apart your chicken or mince to make perfect bun fillings like the sophisticated animal you are.  

Texas Club meat shredder claws, £9.99 Texas Club at

Three beer belters that are well worth a try

Gorseflower Pale five percent ABV

First & Last Brewery, Bellingham

Lapsing Into Heresy Russian Imperial Stout 12.5 percent ABV

Wylam Brewery, Newcastle

Run Hop Run Simcoe Pale Ale 4.2 percent ABV

Rigg & Furrow, Morpeth

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