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Health and beauty
February 2023
Reading time 2 Minutes

Now’s the perfect time to try something new...

Here are the new beauty brands you need to know about right now.

1 Saie
This New York-based beauty brand is on a mission to make beauty better with clean, award-winning products that are sustainable and conscious of the planet we live on. They’re formulated by experts and made for eco-conscious beauty fans everywhere. With high-performance formulas, sustainable packaging and clean, good-for-you ingredients we couldn’t live without Sunvisor, £32, their broad spectrum SPF35 sunscreen. The formula is sheer meaning it absorbs easily on the skin, leaving you looking radiant, dewy and moisturised.

2 Byoma 
During the first lockdown, Marc Elrick immersed himself in the science of skin and, through extensive research, realised that when we stop stripping our skin and start boosting the barrier we find the key to balanced brighter healthier looking skin. In 2022 he launched BYOMA and the brand has gone from strength to strength. Our pick of their products has to be the Creamy Jelly Cleanser, £9.99, which effectively breaks down dirt, excess oil and makeup without breaking down the skin’s natural barrier. This daily, one-step face wash has a lightweight, pH-balanced formula that transforms into a rich, creamy lather upon contact with warm water.

3 Hermès Beauty 
Hermès launched their very first beauty range with a line of lipsticks with 24 shades inspired by their iconic Birkin bag and scarves, and then expanded their offering with a small edit of blushes, a limited-edition highlighter, a nail care collection, tinted face balm and a matte powder compact. The most recent addition is Hermèsistible, £44, a scented lip care oil that hydrates and smooths the lips, enhancing them with a light touch of colour, radiant shine and an addictive fruity finish. While they may be on the expensive side, from the weighty, magnetic casing, to the super lightweight formulas, you’ll regret not investing in this brand sooner.

4 Cultured 
Two decades after founding REN Clean Skincare, Rob Calcraft has launched his new skincare range, Cultured, which works with your microbiome to deliver stronger, healthier skin that always looks good. We love the Biome One Cleansing Balm, £32 – a gentle yet effective way of removing makeup, dirt and pollution without disturbing the skin’s barrier, leaving it less prone to oiliness, breakouts and irritation.

5 Ind Wild
Say goodbye to your 10-step beauty routine and hello to Indē Wild. This new brand combines the best of holistic Ayurveda with conscious chemistry to create scientifically proven formulas that help to even out hyper-pigmented skin, fade dark spots, brighten and eliminate dryness. Indē Wild cuts out the complicated jargon meant only for scientists, leaving its customers with a relatable, easy regime that works. We love the Sunset Restore Serum, £29, with a plant-based retinol alternative to provide optimal overnight skin restoration.

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3 Exa Beauty
This sustainable beauty brand is all about inclusivity, and it shows through the 48 skintone shades in their foundations. Exa Beauty aim to change the beauty industry by being totally transparent, from the ingredients used in their products to their eco-as-possible packaging. We love the Splash Zone Oil-Free Hydrating Primer, £28, which uses nourishing blue spirulina, hydrating prickly pear extract and oil-balancing niacinamide to keep skin cool, calm and matte, ready for makeup.

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4 Dieux
For evidence-based skincare products that are honest about pricing, research and results, look no further than Dieux. Born of a desire to see more accountability, honesty and nuance within the beauty industry, this brand wants you to understand exactly what you’re buying and how it works. Favourite product? The Forever Eye Mask, £22, is a thin, lightweight and reusable eye patch that holds gels, serums, and creams close to the skin for maximum absorption. These masks really help products to fully sink in, leaving skin prepped, hydrated and looking heavenly.

5 Biotell
An exciting new name to have on your radar is Biotell, a home-grown cosmetics brand that make everything here in the UK. Creating high-quality, premium products, they have a team of pharmaceutical and beauty experts working together to identify innovative solutions and deliver the best results. We love the Strengthening & Thickening Shampoo, £26, with a carefully selected blend of active ingredients including caffeine, biotin, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E to nourish and thicken, helping to rejuvenate hair to its natural volume, strength and vitality.

9 Rare Beauty 
On a mission to redefine what beautiful means, Selena Gomez wants people to stop comparing themselves to each other and promote self-acceptance instead, and has created Rare Beauty, a range of vegan and cruelty-free makeup designed to make you feel good without hiding what makes you unique. Best product? The Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, £19. With an airy, weightless formula, this blends and builds beautifully for a soft, healthy-looking flush. Infused with long-lasting colour pigments for all-day wear, a little really goes a long way.

10 Le Domaine
The next time someone tells you wine is bad for your skin look no further than Brad Pitt’s new skincare line, Le Domaine. Launched just a few months ago, it is a genderless luxury skincare brand which uses antioxidants from the actor’s winery grapes to power its products. Designed to slow the ageing process, The Serum, £290, uses two exclusive ingredients: GSM10, an active that fights oxidation and enzymes that break down collagen, and ProGR3, a combination of antioxidants. The result? Firmer, radiant, more elastic and smoother skin. Plus, the wine inspo even goes into the packaging with oak caps upcycled from the wood left over from the wine barrels – sustainable and stunning.

11 Goodhabit 
Built for the modern-day consumer who is doing their best but doesn’t always have time to do the most, Goodhabit’s clean, conscious and effective formulas align with the good habits that prolong the youth and health of your skin. Each of their formulations contains BLU5 Technology, a proprietary blend of skin-shielding marine actives and stress-protecting amino acids helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin tone and preventing dark spots. The Water Jelly Dew Cream, £35, with hyaluronic acid is the tall drink of water your skin needs, delivering hydration with a lightweight texture for a plumper appearance and dewy glow.

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