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Our Pick of the Best Beauty Products
Health and beauty
December 2021
Reading time 5 Minutes

From sweet scents to magic creams

These are the perfect presents for those in need of pampering.
Living North Gift Guide Beauty

1 Hourglass diffuser, £138 Diptyque, stockists regionwide  

Shade & Illuminate palette, £65 Tom Ford, stockists regionwide 

Rouge Pur Couture Trio, £35 YSL Beauty, stockists regionwide  

4 Electrical stimulation mask, £415 Facegym at 

Living North Gift Guide Beauty

5 Paris Riviera EDT 50ml, £73 Chanel, stockists regionwide  

Clary Sage & Juniper Berry balm, £30

7 Velvet makeup bag, £24 Elizabeth Scarlett, stockists regionwide  

8 Magic Cream moisturiser, £180 Charlotte Tilbury, stockists regionwide

Living North Gift Guide Beauty

Organic 12% CBD oil, £55 Karma Coast, Tynemouth  

10 Wellbeing Pod essential oil diffuser, £50 Neom, Leeds

11 CALMER Night Gift Set, £38 Kiss The Moon, West Gilling 

Living North Gift Guide Beauty

12 In-Flight makeup case, £295  

13 Hadrian’s Wall Body Lotion, £14.95 Notes of Northumberland, Alnwick  

14 Healthy Hair Essentials, £60 Olaplex at Space NK, Leeds   

15  Pro Gua Sha facial tool, £115

16 Radiance Collection highlighter, £37 Bobbi Brown, stockists regionwide

Gift Guide Beauty

17 Body brush, £32.50 Iconic London at Harvey Nichols, Leeds

18 Scarlet Poppy cologne, £136 Jo Malone, stockists regionwide

19 Lip Color Matte in Flame, £40 Tom Ford, stockists regionwide 

20 Acai Berry & Peach solid shampoo bar, £8.95

21 Climax eyeshadow palette, £45 NARS, stockists regionwide  

22 Rose Sea Soak calming bath salts, £19 French Girl at  

23 Sensor mirror compact, £25  

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