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November 2023
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These are the books you need to add to your to-read list this month

Our top reads this month include historical fiction from Ken Follett and Bernard Cornwell, and witty stories about romance from Sophie Kinsella and Dolly Alderton. Meanwhile Elodie Harper's best-selling Wolf Den trilogy comes to an end with The Temple of Fortuna, and Queen of the British bonkbuster Jilly Cooper is back.

The Armour of Light
Ken Follett
Revolution is in the air in the latest instalment in Follett’s Kingsbridge saga. This sweeping tale of industrial unrest, oppressive government and the spectre of revolution in the 18th century is tense, gripping and epic in scale, taking in the struggles of a whole generation.
Published 26th September

Sharpe’s Command
Bernard Cornwell
Sharpe’s back! We’re in Spain, it’s 1812, and the brilliant, wayward soldier Richard Sharpe finds himself faced with an impossible task. The French are on the march, and Sharpe and his band of rogues are all that stands between them and the British army.
Published 10th October

The Burnout
Sophie Kinsella
Sophie Kinsella returns with another irresistible romantic comedy. Stressed-out Sasha heads to Devon filled with good intentions (think smoothies and yoga), but would she rather be drinking whisky on the beach with the grumpy Finn? And just who is leaving the curious messages they keep finding on the sand?
Published 12th October

Jilly Cooper
New Jilly Cooper alert! The 11th instalment of the Rutshire Chronicles sees Rupert Campbell-Black buying the local football club to please his daughter and her football-star husband. This is Jilly Cooper, so of course Rupert soon takes a shine to the club’s ravishing secretary…
Published 9th November

Good Material
Dolly Alderton
Following the huge success of her memoir Everything I Know About Love, and her big-hearted novel Ghosts, Dolly Alderton is back with another witty story about relationships and heartbreak.
Published 9th November

The Temple of Fortuna
Elodie Harper
The best-selling Wolf Den trilogy comes to an end. Having started as a lowly slave in a Pompeii brothel, Amara is now a powerful courtesan in Rome – a free woman with wealth and influence. But still she is drawn back to her past, and the daughter that she left behind in Pompeii.
Published 9th November

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