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Six Great New History Books For World Heritage Day
Staying in
April 2024
Reading time 3 Minutes

Celebrate World Heritage Day with a great new read

World Heritage Day is on 18th April, and in recognition we've found the best books that deal with the world and its history.

A History of the World in Twelve Shipwrecks

David Gibbins

From Henry VIII’s spectacular Mary Rose and a Bronze Age ship built during the time of Queen Nefertiti, to the tragedy of HMS Terror and the Viking warship of King Cnut, renowned underwater archaeologist David Gibbins weaves a rich narrative of human history through the lens of 12 maritime disasters. 


Professor Alice Roberts

The latest and final instalment in Professor Alice Roberts’ bestselling trilogy, this book explores the lives and deaths of people in the Middle Ages and beyond. Ranging from widespread epidemics and chronic disease to warfare and the most famous tomb in the country, the author introduces us to the deaths of ancestors from centuries ago.

The Secret Life of Hidden Places

Stefan Bachmann and April Genevieve Tucholke

This fantastic guide for the curious and fanciful takes readers through some of the world’s most intriguing architectural mysteries including a booby-trapped Japanese temple, a Parisian apartment that has sat untouched since World War Two and a Prohibition-era speakeasy in Washington DC. 

4 Unruly

David Mitchell

Written by one of the UK’s wittiest comedians, this book takes a hilarious look at the history of British rulers and all of the gaffes, schemes and strokes of luck that took us from monarch to monarch. A wonderfully-researched read that will leave you shocked that we ever made it to the 21st century in one piece.

They Were Here Before Us

Ran Barkai and Eyal Halfon

A detailed and winding exploration of the lives of humans during our first million years, including the earliest evidence of human use of fire, the incredible tower that was built at one of the lowest points on earth, and what happened in the Middle East after the elephants disappeared.

Dark Brilliance

Paul Strathern

Although the Age of Reason was a time of great advancement for humanity, the leaps forward in art, science and literature were set against a backdrop of violence and upheaval. This book focuses on specific leading figures from the time (including Isaac Newton and Charles I) and considers the far-reaching consequences of human progress. 

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