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Six Inspirational Podcasts from North East and Yorkshire Voices

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June 2023
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Be inspired by these podcasts from the North East and Yorkshire's most influential voices

From Michelin-starred chef Tommy Banks to The Hairy Bikers and presenter Vick Hope, these are the inspirational voices we all love to hear.


Tackling men’s mental health issues, former professional cyclist Tommy Bustard, who grew up in Yarm, invites special guests for honest chats in each episode of this podcast. 

Our favourite episode: Mamnick
Founder, CEO and designer of Sheffield brand Mamnick, Thom Barnett, shares his honest thoughts and advice with listeners.


Leeds-born Gabby Logan talks candidly to well-known faces about their midlife challenges and shares advice from the experts. 

Our favourite episode: Alexandra Shulman
Alexandra led British Vogue for more than 25 years, and was one of the first to feature plus-size bodies on the magazine’s cover. She reveals what she thinks about Vogue’s direction now and how she’s adjusted to life without it.


Michelin-starred chef Tommy Banks reveals exactly how his seasonal menu is made, with the help of celebrity guests.

Our favourite episode: Dave Myers & The Byland Burger
One half of The Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers is walked through the 19 elements of this burger, before discussing recipe books, Dave’s ill-health and seasonal ingredients.


The Women’s Prize for Fiction is one of the most prestigious literary awards in the world. Every week multi-award winning TV and BBC Radio One presenter Vick Hope hosts equally inspirational guests as they celebrate the best books written by women.

Our favourite episode: Kate Mosse
Author and Women’s Prize founder Kate Mosse reveals the books that have shaped her.


Si and Dave have been around the world four times – so who better to offer some advice? No matter what your problems are, they’ll find a solution (or at least have a good laugh if there isn’t one).

Our favourite episode: Porridge, Boring Husbands, Nights on the Toon and Phone Fails
How useful is a 1,200 calorie breakfast when you’re dieting? Not very. And a night in Newcastle? Si has advice for that.


Airing on BBC Sounds last year, Jill Scott’s Coffee Club has just 12 episodes. While the podcast is short but sweet, it offers a glimpse into the women’s game as she speaks to fellow footballing legends.

Our favourite episode: Leah Williamson
The England captain talks about her role ahead of the Euros.

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