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on the left 3 models wearing yellow clothing, on the right 3 fashion products cut out into a collage
March 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Mood-boosting sunny shades for spring

Bright and beautiful, sunny yellow made it into many collections for the new season. Whether you want to go head-to-toe in classic shades of creamy custard or pick a daffodil yellow accessory to instantly brighten up your existing wardrobe - here's our pick of spring's sunniest shade.
mustard toned roll neck jumper

Wool jumper, Whistles, stockists regionwide

bright yellow bag

Le Pilage leather bag, Longchamp at Fenwick, Newcastle and stockists regionwide

model wearing a yellow jumper with a black skirt

Instaria jumper,  AllSaints, branches regionwide

gold/yellow straight edged hoop earrings

Lucent earrings, Swarovski, branches regionwide

women wearing a maxi yellow dress

Canary maxi dress, Meghan Fabulous at

light yellow blouse with frills

Simone silk shirt, LK Bennett,  stockists regionwide

model wearing a long yellow wool coat with black jeans

Car coat, Marks & Spencer, branches regionwide 

pale yellow sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses, River Island, branches regionwide

pale yellow sweat pants

Yellow joggers, Polo Ralph Lauren, stockists regionwide

pale yellow chunky sole loafers

Chunky loafers,


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