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Three Fabulously Festive Podcasts to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

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December 2022
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These podcasts are sure to bring you comfort and joy

Sick of the same old Christmas playlists? Bring something new to your ears with these podcasts bringing you everything from the festive films you need to watch to advice for preparing for the big day.

Christmas Prepper

This podcast offers plenty of advice for preparing for the big day, from baking and decorations to traditions, present wrapping and Elf on the Shelf. Featuring interviews and book reviews, there’s plenty to inspire your festivities. Give their ‘budgeting for Christmas 2022’ episode a listen.

Christmas Alphabet

Each episode of this podcast looks at topics starting with one letter of the alphabet, from A to Z. Every two weeks they focus on Christmas traditions, facts and fun based on the letter of the day. It makes for a nostalgic listen and you’re guaranteed to learn something new every time.

Christmas Countdown

Hosted by actor Eric Petersen and TV producer Danny Jordan, Christmas Countdown offers a heap of festive top 10s. Each episode Eric and Danny count down holiday-themed lists, from their top 10 Christmas movies to their top 10 seasonal traditions. Listen while you’re counting down the days to Christmas.

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