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TV Guide: What To Watch This Week Including the Great British Menu

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What's on
January 2023
Reading time 5 Minutes

We’re gripped by a new Channel 5 drama and the Great British Menu is back

Plus, you’ll want to binge-watch Robson Green’s new series if you haven’t already.

-Monday 30th January-

Extraordinary, Disney+

In this new comedy-drama series on Disney+, everyone over 18 has a superpower – everyone except Jen. In a confusing world, Jen is seeking her own superpower, and she’d take anything at this point. Starring Siobhán McSweeney (best known as Sister Michael in Derry Girls) we’re expecting great things.

-Tuesday 31st January-

Emily Atack: Asking for It?, 9pm, BBC Two

During lockdown, actress and comedian Emily Atack’s online abuse escalated. Now she’s asking why she and other women have normalised it for so long. She also asks whether enough is being done to protect young women and girls online – and what needs to change.

-Wednesday 1st February-

The Catch, 9pm, Channel 5

Channel 5 premiered its brand new drama, The Catch (based on T.M. Logan's novel of the same name), last Wednesday, following the story of a fisherman with a dark past. Ed will do whatever it takes to keep his family together. When Ryan enters his daughter’s life Ed spirals out of control and is determined to discover the truth about him before it’s too late. Start at 8pm to watch both episodes.

-Thursday 2nd February-

Great British Menu, 8pm, BBC Two

As the competition continues (it begins on Tuesday), the two highest-scoring chefs from the North East go head to head and cook their six-course menus for judges Tom Kerridge, Nisha Katona and Ed Gamble and YouTuber Joe Sugg.

-Friday 3rd February-

Amanda & Alan's Italian Job, 8.30pm, BBC One

Amanda Holden and Alan Carr transform a courtyard into a Mediterranean oasis after visiting the gardens of one of Sicily's biggest wine producers. Alan explores Sciacca's famous ceramic scene while Amanda repairs the old courtyard walls (a far bigger job than she anticipated).

-Saturday 4th February-

True Spirit, Netflix

Coming to Netflix on Friday, in this film based on a true story an Australian teenager chases her dreams and sets out to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. We’re sure it’ll inspire many to face their fears. 

-Sunday 5th February-

Happy Valley, 9pm, BBC One

Don’t miss the final episode of Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley – the series about a Yorkshire police sergeant tormented by the ghosts of the past has had viewers on the edge of their seats for weeks thanks to Sarah Lancashire’s fantastic acting. As Catherine works her final shift, scores will be settled for good.

-Catch Up On-

Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes, BBC iPlayer

We’ve already binge-watched all 15 episodes of this new series and we’re thrilled to see lesser-mentioned parts of the North East (including Hawthorn Dene) on our screens. Celebrating everything about the region and why we should make the most of it, actor and angler Robson Green has joined forces with other famous local faces (including Living North columnist and talented author LJ Ross and Hairy Biker Si King) in a bid to show more of what’s on our doorstep, and how going off the beaten track can be good for the mind, body and soul. 

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