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July 2021
Reading time 5 minutes
The wedding planning process can feel like an endless list of to-dos – keep our checklist on hand to cover all of the bases without the stress.
Twelve Months Before...
  • Set your date
  • Work out your budget
  • Decide on how many guests you will invite
  • Research and book your venue and caterer
  • Take out insurance 
  • Find a photographer/videographer
  • Start booking appointments to find your florist
  • Arrange your first wedding dress fitting
  • Decide on your themes and décor
Nine Months Before...
  • Choose and ask your wedding party
  • Send out save the date cards to your guests
  • Start planning and booking your entertainment
  • Begin cake tastings and choose your cake
  • Book your honeymoon
Six Months Before...
  • Buy the groomsmen’s suits and bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Arrange your wedding transport
  • Plan your order of service
  • Plan your hair and make-up
Three Months Before...
  • Draw up a gift list
  • Send out your invitations
  • Pick your wedding rings
  • Think about groomsmen’s and bridesmaids’ gifts
  • Hen and stag party time!
One Month Before...
  • Chase up guests – no RSVP, no seat!
  • Write your speeches
  • Plan shots with your photographer/videographer
  • Confirm your honeymoon reservations
One Week Before...
  • Finalise the table plan
  • Give your caterer the final guest list 
  • Start packing for your honeymoon
  • Break in your wedding shoes
  • Confirm all pick-up and delivery times with suppliers

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