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What to Expect from the New Attractions at Psycho Path 2023

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What's on
September 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Psycho Path is back and it's bigger, better and even more frightening than before

With even more ways to give you nightmares, the UK's best scream park has returned for Halloween. Living North's Arts Editor joins the brave to see what's new.

Psycho Path at Lintz Hall Farm is an immersive horror experience like none other with jump scares waiting at every turn. You’ve really got to watch your back! As soon as my partner and I go in I let out an embarrassingly enthusiastic scream as pirates jump out from behind the curtains. You’d think we’d have learned from last year to let someone else go first… 

The converted farm shed has the usual bars and street food vendors and its stage is set up for scary shows to come, but we scurry towards the arcade-style games while we try to pluck up the courage to head inside the attractions. We take a seat on the sofas to watch the Dolls’ House on stage come to life, then head outside to sign up for the popular new attraction Crawl Space. It’s only just gone 6.30pm but we’re booked in for 10.15pm so we head over to another new attraction, The Hunt. 

With no idea what to expect, we hop on board an abandoned bus as a group and are told to put on a padded mask. We’re shown a short film revealing that we’re now actually prisoners and we’re about to enter The Hunt – a survival maze which will determine whether we’ll live or die. Immersed in a computer game-style maze we have to run and keep running to avoid getting caught by various terrifying characters. I’m out of breath by game two and find myself locked up in a cell. My partner did well to survive almost until the end. 

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Once we get our breath back we spot an old favourite – Isolation. Remembering this is an attraction where you go in alone, are locked in and there’s only one way out, I decide to pass and send my partner in one of the rooms for a laugh. Stupid decision. I’m grabbed by the hand by a man in a boiler suit and led into another room, a furnace, with the door locked behind me. Rule number one of Psycho Path – stick with your group! 

I finally manage to meet back up with my partner and we decide to give Thunder Dome a go. It’s essentially a game of laser tag but every time you get shot you get an electric shock (pads are £2 per person). It’s great fun and the least scary in our opinion as long as you’ve got a good aim and can hide well. By this point we’ve built up an appetite and the Truly Madly Pizza stand is calling our name, along with a pint of Dutch courage. We make friends with a doll, a cheerleader and a terrifying looking clown while we retreat to the barn from the rain. 

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Having annoyingly bypassed Psycho Cinema (not realising it was there until it was too late), we head into Psycho City, an outdoor trail through an abandoned wasteland, and while my partner thinks he’s clever remembering the way round (and potentially where the jump scares are), he still gets caught out, much to my amusement.

We get drenched in the rain as we sprint our way through Corn-ered (the almost never-ending corn maze) and end up ankle deep in puddles at the end of iScream (the popular – and in my opinion least scary – maze, home to clowns), then it’s time for Crawl Space. I decide to head back into the barn for a glass of wine and to leave this one to my partner. It turns out tight spaces in complete darkness are my cut off point. He tells me it was by far the scariest attraction this year. Feeling a little exhausted, we have one last battle in the Thunder Dome before watching the final show and making our escape. 

Psycho Path launches on 29th September and runs until Halloween.

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