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10 Treats for Your Valentine
Eat and Drink
February 2024
Reading time 2 Minutes

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so shower your loved one in affection

These are the perfect gifts for any foodie.
Tint coupe glasses

Tint coupe glasses (set of two), £45 Hay at Nest, Sheffield

Milk chocolate with geranium rose

Milk chocolate with geranium rose, £4.50 North Chocolates, stockists regionwide

Gem Champagne glasses

Gem Champagne glasses (set of four), £50 LSA at Fenwick, Newcastle

Rhubarb milk chocolate bar

Rhubarb milk chocolate bar, York’s Chocolate Story, York

Filey pink gin

Filey pink gin, £37 Filey Gin, Filey

Whispering Angel rosé

Whispering Angel rosé, £22 at Grape and Grain, Morpeth

Blacksmiths Rose Gin

Blacksmiths Rose Gin, £36 Northumberland Spirit Co, stockists regionwide

Cast iron heart casserole dish

Cast iron heart casserole dish, £199 Le Creuset, stockists regionwide

Ceramic heart bowl (set of three)

Ceramic heart bowl (set of three), £37.50 Oliver Bonas, Jesmond

Heart-themed mug

Heart-themed mug, £14.95 Lucy Pittaway, York, Harrogate, Brompton, Yarm and Richmond

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