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August 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Long gone are the days when taking luggage with you was part of your ticket price

Now every single thing you take on a flight is paid for, both in the hold and the cabin, and this can be particularly expensive for families who don't always have the option of travelling light. Here are our top five hacks for making your family's luggage as budget-friendly as possible.
children being pulled along on cases at airport


Don’t be fooled into baggage packages when you’re booking. While airlines want you to believe otherwise, sometimes it can actually be more cost-effective to buy one large hold bag later, for the whole family to share.


If you do take individual bags, remember your checked baggage allowance can be totalled. This means if one bag is slightly overweight, don’t just panic and pay, as another may be under, balancing the total out.


Carry as much as you can! Whether it’s younger kids carrying bulky toys, teens carrying their iPads and laptops, or dad wearing his entire wardrobe in 30 degree heat, every little helps when it comes to the weight of your luggage.


Look out for loopholes. Some airlines offer sports equipment add-ons that are not weighed and you can fit a surprising amount of clothes and shoes into a golf bag… Equally if you are travelling with babies, free items such as a car seat carrier or buggy bag are great places to stash extra packing.


Rather than buying all new toiletries and cosmetics before you go, some items can be grabbed airside after check-in and security. This not only frees up your weight allowance but can also save money if the items are duty-free.

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