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travel gifts for xmas collage
November 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Great gifts for anyone with wanderlust

'Travel is the thing you buy that makes you richer’, so for all your friends and family filled with the desire to see more of the world we’ve found some great travel-inspired gifts. From a personalised travel journal from Avorium, New York-inspired artwork and a book on the best weekends away, to travel pouches, pillows and Apple’s really useful airtag – there’s plenty to help get them going this Christmas.

Waterproof floating speaker, Wonderboom, stockists regionwide 


Aeros travel pillow, Sea to Summit, stockists regionwide  


New York poster,


Tech Kit,


Travel Journal, Avorium, York


 AirTag, Apple, branches regionwide


Frank Legend sunglasses, Ray-Ban, stockists regionwide 


Velvet jewellery roll, Jo Edwards at


Clip-on wide angle lens, Macro, stockists regionwide


Everywhere belt bag,  LuluLemon, Leeds  


1000 Perfect Weekends,  National Geographic, bookshops regionwide


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